A Praying Mama & A Praying Child …

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Have you ever been in the midst of a situation and felt like you were on the outside of yourself looking in? All while in the situation, you are thinking “I am COMPLETELY out of character” and allowing my true self to be shifted by something that should have no affect over me.

Well, I have – I had one of those moments a few times this week and it is only Thursday. This leads to the meat of this message – I have a praying mama and a praying child. They pray for me I believe more than I pray for myself “saying that in my Shemar Moore voice – (adding a little humor to a heavy subject) — and I realize that I am in a valley (again) and the peak will come just as the valleys do – the valley is reminding me that I am God’s own and I am doing something right!

And so, I #Thrive. #ThrivingThursday. Words from my heart – praying you all are having an amazing and blessed week.