Chances are…


Today, I in the middle of an eventful day at work, I thought about last night and the worries that invaded my peaceful slumber… Like a thief in the darkness, it swept away my peacefulness. Through my subconscious, I found that I was worried about something completely out of my control “Someone else’s actions”. Subliminal messages that shot through me with negativity.

I caught myself, giving into negativity and then thought about how much of a contraction of my character it would be to let the enemy get the best of me. By allowing someone or something to take up residence in my serenity would not be in line with living free.

The way I look at it is this way, the “chances are” if I allowed the negativity to continue to get the best of me, my happiness would be compromised by the outcomes of wretchedness… conquering my life with complete negativity and that would be sad because that is not who I am today or tomorrow…

Have you weighed your “Chances are … ” lately? What are your “Chances are” and what can you do to be positive versus negative?