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October is National Domestic Violence Month (DVAM).  As I think back over the first day of October through this 24th day, I can safely say that I am not the same woman I was one year ago. God has strategically placed people in my life for so many reasons – but primarily to do His will.

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Yesterday (October 23, 2017), I had the opportunity to be a guest on the Let’s Talk 4 Real Live Radio show with Shontica Wallace (www.106LiveRadio.com). From the first time that I chatted with Shontica Wallace by telephone, there were some serious girl empowerment topics when we discussed empowering our children, women, survivors, and victims of abuse. Then after about an hour long conversation, we ended our call but then began to text. I was fascinated by her testimony and her many accomplishments despite her many battles. Less than a few days after our conversation, she registered to volunteer and assist with my upcoming event on October 28, Purple Orchids, Survivors, and Thrivers Brunch and Fundraiser.  I was/am honored by her generous offer to help. Of course, I accepted it. She provides a platform to discuss domestic violence awareness – what an amazing platform!

Now that you have been provided a small overview of how and when we came to know one another, I would like to take a moment and spotlight this wonderful woman of God. Ms. Shontica Wallace, is also a Certified Life Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Author, Founder/CEO of L.O.V.E. U University Empowerment Program and the Me & You Foundation.

106 Live Radio known for its diversity in programming, is excited to introduce to its listeners this amazing woman whose work spreads beyond the borders of GeImage result for shontica wallaceorgia.  Added to her repertoire is a celebrated mime extraordinaire whose performances have reached thousands in and around the United States.  Ms. Shontica is sure to become a household name because of her ability to connect, dissect, analyze and provide strategies for empowerment and resolve the world.  Along with her journey, she maintained strength and courage and broke the shackles of being a sixteen-year domestic violence victim by becoming a domestic violence SURVIVOR.  Because of her dedication, love, and passion to give back to others, L.O.V.E. U University Empowerment Program took its first breath in September of 2015.  In January 2017, she embarked on a new journey and took the necessary steps to becoming a Certified Life Coach.  Ms. Shontica and L.O.V.E. U University have also been an intricate part of the educational system in Georgia, helping our youth overcome a myriad of life crises including but not limited to – self-esteem, domestic violence & abuse, peer pressure, bullying, family life etc. Her own life’s journey has provided not only a platform but an instrument of guidance for individuals around the world, showing them that purpose and destiny cannot be hindered by the situations or circumstances you face because you CAN overcome.  With God, the right tools, systems and support, you can achieve anything you set your mind to and be successful.  Now with a clear vision,


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Ms. Shontica is on a purposeful mission to help inspire others through her life’s testimony. To learn more about this WOG, visit here website.

Thank you, Ms. Shontica Wallace, for all you do and all that you will do in the near future  –  please continue to be obedient.  Please be sure to connect with her at www.106liveradio.com 

Always, Ms. Darkskinisbeautiful



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