Domestic Violence Awareness: Breezee Morrison, Mrs. New Mexico – Thriving in her Survivorship


Image result for breezee morrisonBreezee Noelani Morrison was born and raised in Cloves, New Mexico. At the young age of 2 years old, she returned to her birthplace in Hawaii. As she grew into womanhood, she encountered domestic violence and the brokenness that came with it. While it was traumatizing, she was able to break the chains that held her captive of abuse nearly a decade after the occurrence. That is when she took her power back moved to Arizona where she developed and breathed life into the program “Confidence Is Beauty” which is centered around rebuilding brokenness in women. Through the program, she empowers, inspires, displays and communicates the importance of/for healing for one to move above and beyond pain. She also uses the program as a platform to educate our families and communities on the importance of domestic violence awareness and fighting it.

Breezee breaks the chains and monotony surrounding the assumptions of what the face of a victim looks like as she does not look like her “Been Through”. Breezee Morrison a/k/a Mrs. New Mexico International 2017 wears her crown and she does it confidently. She shares that while her divine purpose was revealed to her years ago, it was not until she competed for Mrs. International that she found her “Purpose-Driven Voice”. When she thinks about the twenty years of pageantry experience she has under her belt, it is evident that her heart belongs to God and family.

Beyond her beautiful face and humble demeanor, she is a loving wife, mother, and co-pastor. Alongside her husband and best friend of over 13-years, she lives a purposeful and encouraging life with transparency. Because she values her faith, family, fitness and traveling she is mindful of how she manages her time. While passionate about pageantry she is just as passionate if not more about bringing awareness to domestic violence. She travels and uses social media as tools to bring awareness to the growing epidemic. Breezee shares “Domestic Violence thrives in the shame of silence” which is why she brashly and self-assuredly shares her testimony with elegance and openness.

To add fuel to her “Sparking Fire” Breezee has partnered the Confidence is Beauty Movement with the nonprofit organization, No Longer the Face Foundation, as their Domestic Violence Awareness Ambassador. Together the organizations aspire to bring awareness to all forms of abuse and help restore and heal the world one person at a time. Through experience, she has learned that those in pain are stronger with the help from those who have encountered it – through testimonies like Breezee’s women/men/youth is empowered to take their voices back. To hear Breeze’s story, view her YouTube video at

Also, please be sure to follow Breezee Morrison and read more about her and how she brings awareness to communities internationally and her journey to making a difference in the lives of others one life at a time.