God Set Me F.R.E.E

The past several months have been an emotional, physical and mental roller coaster. Working on community outreach efforts, returned to college for a second masters degree, and working on two book projects all while flowing with the wants, needs, and unpredictability of my amazing little girl. As a single mommy, it is often a challenge but God has carried and guided me through, around and above any possible obstacles that were in my way.
Thinking about all of my accomplishments, I would have to say my daughter is my greatest!
I am saying all this to say that today, July 12, 2017, I received the news that the book that I co-authored with twenty-two other amazing and God-fearing women became a best-seller.   The book #SoulSource and my chapter “God Set Me F.R.E.E.” is an Amazon Hot New Release Best Seller in the #1 Women Christian Living category! What a blessing to be a part of something that means so much and that is intertwined with my faith in God. 
Thank you for your support during our Best Seller campaign on July 11, 2017. Please remember to share your reviews about the book.
If you did order your copy of this book yet, please be sure to go to my website at https://www.perfectly-imperfect-womenofvirtue.com/online-store and purchase your autographed copy with a bookmark to match! 
Congrats to my 22 #SoulSister Co-Authors and our mentor and visionary Cheryl Polote-Williamson and her awesome team Purposely Created Publishing. I am so grateful to have been blessed to work with such wonderful women.
Sonya McKinzie SOUL SOURCE