The Pollination Project – Stamp of Approval

Several weeks ago, I posted that I would be sharing “Great News” about the new program, Girls Of Virtue Empowered, that falls under Women of Virtue Transitional Foundation Inc.’s umbrella, well here it is! This morning, I received the green light to post this –

This is the FIRST grant that Women of Virtue Transitional Foundation Inc. have been approved for. Last year, we applied for many grants but due to the young age of the organization and lack of available funds, they were denied. That did not deter me, supporters (monetary and nonmonetary helped breath life into the lungs of this purpose.

I knew that this vision for the organization was BIGGER than me, and in that sacrificed much through, sweat, blood, tears, sleep and personal funds. If I had to do it again, I would make the JUMP over and over again! I share this because this is a testimony to those that might be discouraged – know that all things are possible. And through faithfulness and commitment, this year the application was approved for a $500 grant. To me, this is big, because that means someone saw the value in what this organization is about and took a gamble. This is a stepping stone for what is to come. Hard work, sleepless nights, and knowing who and whose I am was in my favor.

Thank you, The Pollination Project, your approval will help educate, empower and encourage girls to be leaders! I must also take a moment and acknowledge No Longer The Face Foundation again because they are the second organization that saw the value for this purpose and provided a $1000 stipend to continue the organization’s overall efforts. Sheila Bailey, thank you again!

While you might see a side view of my works, rest assured, work is being done to fight domestic violence, support survivors/victims and educate and empower our young girls to be leaders.

As presented in Pollination’s write-up, the picture below depicts a 2nd generation survivor of abuse, a 2nd generation fatherless child (woman) and a determined mother/woman fighting to make a change – this can only be done one life/step at a time!

Girls need confirmation from father-figures that they are enough, beautiful, smart, and they need to be educated on understanding negativity such as violence, bullying and how to deal with it (all of the things that many do not like to talk about).

Thank you to my supporters, TEAM ‘WOMEN OF VIRTUE TRANSITIONAL FOUNDATION’ and those who have empowered, educated, and encouraged me, thank you! Dvmproductions2996

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Girls Of Virtue Empowered (G.O.V.E)

The Pollination Project approved Women of Virtue Transitional Foundation’s grant on 6/27/2017. It is not about how much one has, it is about how much they can give through pouring into others#


Women of Virtue Transitional Foundation is an organization that aspires to empower and encourage young girls from underprivileged communities and/or who have witnessed domestic violence in their homes. Girls of Virtue Empowered was founded by Sonya McKinzie to provide preteen and teenage girls with resources for building their self-confidence, self-respect, and self-awareness about domestic violence while educating them on how to avoid and deal with abusive situations. The program is also focused on helping them build relationships with peers that are both positive and healthy.

Date Grant Awarded: 6/27/2017

A Soul Source Movement ….

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The Virtual, Spiritual, Emotional and Sensational Journey “Soul Source”

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The Virtual, Spiritual, Emotional and Sensational Journey with my #SoulSisters has been nothing less than spectacular. Through our experiences in life, we have developed a sacred and eternal bond, a sisterhood that was intended and NOT by chance! All of our puzzle pieces were brought together by Cheryl Polote-Williamson, the glue that fastened our broken pieces into place and has kept us solid. This is no understatement when I say, we were all intended to be a part of this movement. #SoulReborn#SoulTalk #SoulSource #Yes #God

We are 23 women that are sharing our truths about how we solely relied on God in difficult times and were able to pull through.

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God has been so good to me…

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There is something beautiful about exposing your nakedness –
the flaws, mistakes, and imperfections to God. When you bear your Heart and Soul to Him, it is pleasing.

Why? Because God doesn’t care about make-up, weaves, name brands, Jewelry nor the fragrance you choose – He wants you to come to Him just as you with praise. After all, God has been so good to us!

Soul Source Book:

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