Women of Virtue Transitional Foundation Partners with Studio South of Performing Arts and Glynn Place Stadium Cinemas to Give Back!

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On May 27th, I walked into the Glynn Place Mall to pick up 10 movie tickets that the manager at Glynn Place Stadium Cinemas 14 agreed to donate to our Backpack and School Community Outreach which is planned for July 15th. Unfortunately, the manager was not there and would not be in for a few hours. After speaking with the staff member, I agreed to return later in the day.

We then stopped by the Embassy Suites Hotel and inquired about the cost to secure and venue with them; the staff member provided a pack and informed me to call during the week when the manager would be in. Thankful for the information, my daughter’s eye caught an opening to the mall and requested to go into the mall space and I resisted her request for fear I would have to spend money (smiles). After a little pleading and giving me the watery eye look, she swayed me to go to the mall.

As we entered the mall, my daughter’s eye zoned in on pictures of little girls in tutus and costumes posted on a glass window; she asked “Mommy, can we go in, I wanted to go in”. Again, I resisted but went into Studio South Performing Arts Center and inquired about the cost associated with the classes they offered. Pleased by the reasonable price, I mentioned to the young lady at the desk that I was looking for a reasonable venue to host the Community Outreach event for the children.

We both discussed the limited entertainment options available to children and then began to discuss the possibility of using her space. As we moved through the conversation, she offered to show me the location and spaces … looking at the spaces, we agreed that the larger room would be the best space to use for this event. When I asked her how much she would charge to rent it, she shook her head and said “Nothing”.  I was surprised, as a founder of a year old nonprofit it has been difficult to obtain funds to cover events such as this. As we continued speaking we discussed another event that I will be hosting in Brunswick later this year for young ladies. Again, she stepped right in to assist me with a venue. After about forty-five minutes of chatting and warm hugs, my daughter and I returned to the movie theater where we picked up 10 movie passes for the children. Before leaving, I asked the young lady behind the counter if I could take a picture to support their generous donation. She agreed to take a picture and then invited the staff to participate. Overwhelmed by the moment, again I felt teary-eyed and after pulling it all together, we took a picture that was “perfectly” commemorated by the attached picture.

18699896_626253787764825_8860270774019290366_nBecause I will always be connected to my hometown, Brunswick, Georgia it is essential to obtain and maintain relationships with companies such as these. They are essential to a thriving community and we help hold up the platform for nonprofit organizations like Women of Virtue Transitional Foundation fill in the gaps when the funds are not always available. To these two companies, I will say thank you, thank you and thank you again!


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For your information, the event will be held at Studio South Performing Arts Center at 1307 Grant St, Brunswick, GA 31520. The event will start at 2 p.m. and end promptly at 3:30 p.m.

To learn more about our summer event please visit: FREE: Backpacks, School Supplies, Pizza & Cupcakes – An end of the summer social for our Kids! 

We will be distributing school supplies in backpacks, pizza, cupcakes, and small gift bags. We are working to secure an police officer to speak to the children about bullying, peer pressure, and staying out of trouble. I will also take a few minutes to speak with the kids about accomplishing their goals in life and use myself as an example.

If you are a resident of Brunswick, Georgia and have a child(ren) that would enjoy this community event – go register them as the spaces are limited to 25 seats.  

If you would like to donate funds or school supplies to this cause and help us OVERSTUFF the backpacks, please stop by and make a donation at Studio South or submit your donation at the event link above. We are also seeking volunteers to help with this effort, you may register for a volunteer slot from the link above as well.

Thank you for your support!


Sonya McKinzie


I am “Living Proof” that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes – (look within)

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By: Sonya McKinzie a/k/a Darkskinisbeautiful (All shades of skin is beautiful and unique)

Yesterday, I was moved to share the following message on Facebook, I was surprised by the number of people that could relate. With that in mind, I have chosen to repost it to this Blog with efforts to help others who can relate to where I have been in life as well as where I am and pushing to go.

I am a survivor of many things. I am a 14-year survivor of abuse, an 11-year survivor of unhealthy living and I was a prisoner in an unhealthy, unhappy, and introverted body. I never thought I would be able to comfortably share the 📷 of me on the right nor the weaknesses that once reeked havoc on my life. But God…. #Fall into his arms and have #Faith that He will ALWAYS catch you…

Confirmation that Through God All Things Are Possible.

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Soul Source




You are cordially invited to join me at the “Soul Source” Book Launch Party which will be hosted by Visionary & Author Cheryl Polote-Williamson.

As one of the 23 co-authors of this anthology, I am honored to share my testimony of Hope, Restoration, Redemption, and POWER!

This opportunity is indeed an intricate part of a POWERFUL MOVEMENT that is no less than BLESSED.

Please join us in Dallas, Texas on July 1st for our Book Launch!! To learn more about the event, please click below.  The event is open to the public and is free to attend.