No Longer the Face Foundation Recognizing and benefiting Women of Virtue Transitional Foundation June 23, 2017

CaptureA morning confirmation and surprise… Sometimes you have to see to believe!

Honored for our organization to be recognized for our humble works. Thank you @nolongerthefacefoundation !! Supporters, please be sure to purchase your tickets, donate, or volunteer here:

Your support will help to support the fight against Domestic Violence and Communicate, educate, and eradicate against Domestic Violence.


Three days of confirmation led me to…


For the past three days, God has placed some pretty amazing events before me. And while I have not discussed the details of each of them, the people involved know exactly who they are and why their fingerprints on my life have shifted my view and point of view with regard to Domestic Violence. I was reminded that I am a conqueror, mother, ThriveHer, child of God, an advocate, and fighter. My lips speak life into my Purpose and my heart, mind, body and soul are the warriors that carry the life’s mission through.

If you had told me on February 24, 2016, that I would be an Executive Director and Founder of an IRS approved 501 (c)3 organization, speak in a room of people that has more than two people in it about a subject that haunted my life for what seemed to be forever, I would say “Uhmm, no that would not be me” or “I cannot see me doing that”.  On February 25, 2016 all of those things came to pass to say the very least of these things.

Before this happen, I heard peers, friends, and acquaintances share that they knew that I was a very spiritual person when in reality, I was not as spiritual as I should be. My relationship with God needed some fine-tuning and though I always believed in God, I did not believe in His abilities. The saying “Seeing is believing” used to be my pledge and now the words “Only God” is now in its place.

I remember asking a friend a few days ago via text (of course) “Why would He bless me this way”? I mean, I am not a bad person or anything like that, I just questioned why God would choose me for such a task like this. He has called me to speak to masses, share my message to change the lives of others, place myself at the forefront and take the brunt of whatever comes from it and today, I do so without fear. But I will be “transparent” when I think about all of the well-spoken, manicured,  educationally, and intellectually gifted people who could be in my place, I wondered why I would be His choice.

This morning, after speaking with someone that I know will be instrumental and influential in my life, I realized that He chose me because He knew I could do it. Yes, I am slightly afraid and VERY eager, I refuse to stand down. Nevermind how Perfectly Imperfect I am, awkwardly shy (about some things) with a southern dialect that often causes me to stumble over my words when I catch myself speaking too fast, I am good enough. I know that despite my inexperience, He has chosen me, will mold me into the vessel that will do His will and do so purposefully.

To many onlookers’ surprise, I am not afraid of the amazing things that are happening in my life (the things I share and the things that remain between me and God). Yes, I might appear to be 100% sure about what I am doing and the reason would be of my faith in myself and God. I cannot and will not go back – hmmm, three days of God showing me power has made me a believer for a lifetime.

Are you ready to give Him a try and JUMP even in Fear?


Sonya McKinzie a/k/a Ms. Darkskinisbeautiful

No Longer The Face Foundation benefiting Women of Virtue Transitional Foundation … Show your support!


God just never cease to amaze me! I am so blessed and honored to be recognized by a sister organization, @nolongerthefacefoundation that stands for Domestic Violence Awareness & Prevention and against the epidemic itself.

Please show your support by sharing this pivotal moment with us by purchasing your ticket for the “Worlds Uniting To End Domestic Violence” Event.

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Thank you for your support in helping organizations like ours make a difference in this fight against Domestic Violence and the empowerment of survivors.

Painting with A Passion for A Purpose fun, refreshments, and fundraiser — Purple Orchids, Survivors, and ThriveHers (thrivers) on April 2, 2017 – COME SHOW YOUR SUPPORT!

Purchase your tickets between now and March 20th and your name will be entered into a Raffle for a 4 pack family bundle for the College Hall of Fame or A Beautiful Gift basket!!  See the beautiful painting below which is a depiction of what we will be painting on April 2nd. The painting will be custom made/created specifically for our 2017 Theme which is “Purple Orchids, Survivors, and Thrivers (ThriveHers)”.


Women of Virtue Transitional Foundation Inc. 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Duluth, Georgia in Gwinnett County. We are a domestic violence prevention and awareness program that provides resources and services to survivors and their families. We are not affiliated with any national organization and are 100% volunteer-based and we do not have any paid employees.

ln observance of National Crime Victims’ Rights Week, April 2–8, Women of Virtue Transitional Foundation is partnering with Masterpiece Mixers-Snellville to host “Painting with Passion for Purpose” a fundraiser event to benefit domestic violence victims, struggling survivors, and their families. The event location is at 1977 Scenic Hwy, Suite B, Snellville, Georgia, 30078.

As shared, the theme is Purple Orchids, Survivors, and ThrivHers (thrivers), which signifies royalty, respect, admiration, and dignity and defines how victims and survivors are empowered by the response they receive from their supporters, how organizations are strong in their response to challenges, and communities that are able to seek collective justice and healing.

A portion of the class proceeds from this event will be donated to this charity to help support the resources, services, and outreach efforts made by Women of Virtue Transitional Foundation.