The Perfectly Imperfect Christian woman – Closer walk with God

The black-woman-praying-e1355876837323

Have you ever felt like you’re just going through the motions? When you go to church and read your bible, and try your best to live a life that is pleasing to God, but no matter what you do, you still feel a sense of distance and wonder if HE hears your call.

As a Perfectly Imperfect Christian woman, I desire to be closer to God and it seems so intense when I am going through hard times. I desire to have Him in my spirit and soul, yet I cannot surrender to him. Sometimes our circumstances take our eye off of the prize, God without us even realizing it at first. We are often consumed with texting, what is going on in the social media and who’s doing what that we lose our focus and miss our calling from God. We’re so focused on our problems, we forget about the one individual that can actually solve them. Today, take a moment and appreciate, surrender to, and have faith in God as he will never send us astray. Surrender and ask God for discernment – God is waiting to hear from you.

Sonya –