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As of late, the demands of motherhood, Executive Director, author, mentor, the philanthropist chores have made my life very challenging. Often I find myself wondering how people do so many tasks, work, speaking, writing, taking care of family and staying sane. to find as much time and energy for spiritual disciplines as you’d like. But motherhood is a spiritual discipline in itself – a holy effort that God uses to help you grow more into the person he wants you to be– and it’s possible to incorporate other spiritual disciplines successfully into your busy schedule as a mom. As a mother of an amazing 5-year-old, it has taken spiritual discipline, creative spending, and working extreme hours to maintain a household and ensure my baby girl is happy and satisfied. It was with God that I realize my potential and pursued the passion and purpose God molded and created just for me. All challenges that I have encountered, I have no regrets because I know that it ALL happened for a reason. What about you? Do you know your passion and purpose?