I am Perfectly Imperfect …



Look at God, someone was watching and I didn’t even know…

My “RED” Letter from Women Supporting Women Association Inc., came in the mail today!!! I’ve been nominated for the ACHI Magazine Nonprofit Executive and Philanthropist of the Year Award. Thank you ACHI Magazine for this opportunity, all I can say is blessed and highly favored.

Women of Virtue Transitional Foundation has had an amazing year, the organization was established on February 25th and I never imagined such a small voice would make such a mighty noise.

Thank you whoever nominated me for this award.

This is our year – Women of Virtue Transitional Foundation Inc.


Women of Virtue Transitional Foundation Holiday Community Outreach 2016

image-1Sonya McKinzie, CEO & President of Women of Virtue Transitional Foundation is shown on December 17, 2016 with Watkins, Massey, and Lewis  and some of their children on the left. Watkins, Massey, and Lewis are three of the five mothers that were blessed with toys, gifts, and holiday food boxes for Christmas.

With this being the first year as a nonprofit organization, it has been like a whirlwind of blessings for Women of Virtue Transitional Foundation. Kind and generous individuals have been so giving and supportive of our mission and cause. There simply is NOT enough words to articulate the gratitude we feel for the overwhelming support and help we have received in 2016!

This year we had hoped to have a Holiday Community Outreach Program (Party) that would provide underprivileged families with a warm meal, toys, pampering, and fun, it did not work out in our favor as a result of unforeseen reasons which resulted in the cancellation; nevertheless, it did not stop the organization from granting five families (total of 5 parents and 19 children) with their Christmas wishes: toys for the children, gifts for the mothers, and food for a big Christmas meal. This could not have been possible without the charitable aid from Costco, Brilliant Sky Books & Toys, Sprouts, and First Congregational Church UCC of Atlanta, Family Dollar Foundation, and generous supporters in the community.

Sonya McKinzie says “I was brought to tears so many times this year by the outpour of support for every cause, effort, and event that we hosted this year.” McKinzie continues “Who would have thought someone with such a small voice with a BIG passion would make a difference in this way – I thank God and every single person that helped to make this year a success”.  In closing she says “Wouldn’t you know it, at the end of our day we went to Wal-mart to grab some art supplies to decorate Santa hats and saw Santa near the art aisle, Poo absolutely had to share that she wanted the Littlest Petshop for Christmas, beautiful end to our day”.

Remembering the Elderly Outreach Program

On December 24, 2016, Sonya McKinzie, Barbara Green, and their little helper (McKinzie Baker, Sonya’s daughter) made their rounds around Brunswick, Georgia delivering love and cheer to residents at Sunrise, Gracemore, and Sears Manor nursing homes in additional to those that live independently. Through the “Remembering the Elderly Outreach Program” was founded in September 2016 in honor of the late Bessie Lee Green, McKinzie and Green delivered handmade love baskets, handmade blankets/throws, and Santa stockings (decorated by their little and creative helper, McKinzie Baker).  The recipients of these holiday gifts were grateful, happy, and teary-eyed to be recognized and met with smiling faces as they received their gifts.

Barbara Green shared “Ms. Adams, my fourth grade teacher was so grateful and thankful for her blanket and basket, it made me feel like I made a difference in her holiday”.

“I was so blessed to be able to share a few moments with my 96-year old grandaunt and I teared-up when I looked at her because she looks so much like my grandmother Bessie Lee Green. I hugged her so tight and I did not want to let go” said McKinzie.

Next year, McKinzie hopes to partner with companies in Brunswick, Georgia to gift more elders and nursing home residents with Christmas gifts as this is a tradition she plans to operate for as long as she can. If you would like to donate blankets, warm socks, gloves, hats, or make a donation to this effort, please contact us at or make a donation here.

Looking back at 2016:

Women of Virtue Transitional Foundation Community Actions


  • Distributed 25 gift baskets to underpriviledged women in the community
  • Donated and distributed hygiene items to local women’s shelter
  • Participated as a presenter in the Resilient Beauty 3rd Annual Purple Raindrops in October
  • Hosted 1st annual brunch and fundraiser in October which brought in little over $2,700
  • Completed a total of 18 intakes from domestic violence survivors, underpriviledged families, and elderly
  • Participated in the Marsy’s Law-Georgia commericial taping in November
  • Donated new toys to Partnership Against Domestic Violence to support their holiday outreach program
  • Sponsored toys and gifts for five families (a total of 24 individuals) for the Christmas holidays
  • Partnered with First Church of Atlanta UCC to distribute holiday food boxes to five families (see above)
  • Partnered with Barbara Green to distribute homemade blankets/throws and love baskets to nursing home residents and elders in Brunswick on December 24
  • Sonya McKinzie has been selected as a nominee for the 2017 ACHI  Award. ACHI Women Supporting Women Association, Inc, is defined as strength in sisterhood. ACHI Women Supporting Women Association, Inc is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization comprised of accomplished women, dedicated to supporting educational programs, mentorships and the necessary resources to empower the next generation of women. McKinzie was informally notified of this on December 24, 2016. Stay tuned, a picture with the official RED LETTER will be posted soon.



A special thanks goes to Linda Gibson, Joni Ellis, Barbara Green, Cindy Nalls, Felix Paul, Helen Davis, NCCPA Staff and Board, and all of our donors and supporters that helped us in 2016. You have been a blessing and we are grateful for all you do!!

2016 has been amazing …

nursinghomeThe month and year are both winding down, it’s bittersweet. I love this
time of year, BUT I also look forward to new things and experiences in the New Year.

When I think about my life, I am grateful even for the peaks and valleys. However this year (2016), this year right here was filled with so many opportunities to touch lives, to have a small glimpse of what DISCIPLESHIP is really about. Hmmm, look at God, blessing me so that I might touch lives and capture the memories...

Look at God, blessing me with a small view of how doing His will makes one feel!

My Grandmother’s blessings…


Yesterday was an amazing day, my spirit feels alright. I was in my element, yes Lord. It was a blessing being able to show some holiday love & cheer with my grandaunt (she’s 96-years old and looks JUST like my late grandmother) amid many elders in the community… I could have hugged her forever… Tears, memories and the reason for the season and the “Remembering the Elderly Outreach Program” was established. Its uncanny that I was able to see her and she reminded me of why I did this, Bessie Lee Green. We touched 15 lives on Christmas Eve, God I get it, I really do.

If you knew my story and the sacrifices that have been downsized to simple challenges that strengthen me, you’d understand why this organization, the causes, community, helping others in spite of it all means so much.