Like a Butterfly submerging from a cocoon by: Sonya McKinzie

ImageLike a butterfly submerging from its cocoon, my eyes were opened to God’s purpose for my life about a year ago. “IT” is not about me nor anyone else. “IT” refers to that fierce and fiery plan God had plotted for my footsteps.

Had someone told me a year ago that I would be in the position that I am in, I would have never believed that in less than a year it would be so.  Who, me? An advocate and activist for Domestic Violence victims’ rights, me? No, seriously? I despise public speaking but when I speak about helping others, there is a passion that rises up inside of me. A desire to make a shift, a powerful and positive change to all concerns  associated with Domestic Violence, Women and Girl Empowerment, and Community Outreach as a whole.

Contrary to what I believe, God knows and made it so, about a year ago in a dream and then gave me further confirmation the very next morning in church. As I sat in the sanctuary and listened attentively and sulking joyful tears, God showed me that it was my time. My time to do “IT” and take the very necessary steps towards following his plots and water the seeds that he laid out for my life 40 years ago. You see when I was conceived, God already knew his plan for me and no one knows better than I do that this passion, fire, and GO GET IT attitude comes from no other than Him.

If you have a small inkling in your heart, body, mind and/or soul, a voice that is whispering to you – urging you towards your passion, listen closely as it could be God pointing you in the direction, down the pathway to fulfill your passion and purpose in life.  This could be your day to discover your life’s meaning and existence! Listen, listen openly and whole-heartedly.

~ Always, Sonya A/K/A Darkskinisbeautiful


Your voice matters! You are a living testimony… use your voice to make a difference…

Ann Casas and Marsy’s Law provided an opportuntity and platform for domestic violence survivors to be a voice to the voiceless. When I look at my video cut, I cried because that woman on the video is me, stronger than I ever imagined myself to be. I was broken and unsure, and God-kissed my life and redirected my path and now I am a Living Testimony. I will strive to make a difference in the lives of other survivors and victims on a state and international level.

When people say “You do not look like a victim of abuse” What does a victim of abuse look like? Because I am not a victim of abuse, I am a survivor covered in the blood of God. Through his blood I am thriving and breaking chains and helping to eradicate this epidemic called Domestic Violence.

Crime victims deserve Marsy’s Law in the state of Georgia!



I am honored and proud to be a part of a movement that is DEMANDING a shift in the judicial system and crime victims’ equal rights.  As you all know, I am passionate about Domestic Violence Prevention & Awareness.
Today, I was able to be one of the MANY representative “voices” of the “VOICELESS” (victims of crime) during the Marsy’s Law- Georgia commercial recording. 
As shared by Ann Casas, “Georgia is one of 18 states without constitutional protections for victims of crime. That’s why we need Marsy’s Law for Georgia.

A constitutional amendment for victims’ rights, if put on the 2016 ballot by the General Assembly and approved by Georgia voters, would guarantee equal rights to crime victims”.

To learn more and/or sign the petition, please go here:

Domestic Violence presents itself in many forms: economic abuse, physical abuse, psychological abuse, and sexual abuse.

Domestic Violence presents itself in many forms: economic abuse, physical abuse, psychological abuse, and sexual abuse. It happens when one partner uses one or more of these forms of abuse to control and overpower the other. If any of this is occurring in your relationship or with someone you know, please try to encourage them to contact one of the many programs available for assistance. No one deserves to be abused regardless of their circumstance!


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Look at God! He continues to bless this passion, plan, and purpose …

Thank God, and thank NCCPA! Might I add, the timing is Impeccable as we will host the Holiday Community Outreach Program on December 18, 2016. We are so excited to be partnering to make a difference in the lives of those who are domestic violence survivors, underprivileged, and/or homeless. We will be serving warm meals, providing mini MaryKay facials, face painting for children, movie time, and games for our wonderful guests.