Purfectly Imperfect in Purple Event – Please support Women of Virtue Transitional Foundation Inc…

Please join Sonya Mckinzie the CEO & President of Women of Virtue Transitional Foundation Inc. and our very special guest speakers Lawrenceville Police Department, Certified Domestic Violence Officer, James Howard, and Survivor and Domestic Violence Awareness Advocate and Founder of S.A.V.E.D, Harralyn PrazeiswhatIdo Rawls, and the talented saxophonist, Felix Da Katt Paul, photography by Daniel V Miranda ofDvmproductions2996., and you will have the opportunity to meet the wonderful Ms. Ann Casas of Marsy’s Law for Georgia at the Purfectly Imperfect in Purple Brunch & Fundraiser on October 29th at 10 a.m. at the Old Town Tavern Grille, at 845 Lawrenceville-Suwanee, Lawrenceville, Ga.

Purchase your tickets here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/purfectly-imperfect-in-purple-…

We will have raffles, a silent auction, swagbags, and more…
So be sure to bring your credit cards, checks, or cash for the raffles and auction! You do not want to miss out on some of these great items!!

All donations are tax-deductible! 100% of ticket proceeds will go towards supporting Women of Virtue Transitional Foundation Inc. and its amazing efforts to implement the Art Therapy Program, Empowerment workshops, hygiene baskets, and more. To learn about our organization visit:http://www.perfectly-imperfect-womenofvirtue.com/


Domestic Violence Awareness Month: Support an event

During the month of October there we will many, many, many events going on, recognizing Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention. Amid these events, Women of Virtue Transitional Foundation Inc. will be hosting their 1st annual event in Lawrenceville, Ga. Sonya Mckinzie is pleased to share the evening with some amazing people who are supporting amazing cause, fighting domestic violence, working to build funds to support programs and services that will fill in the gaps on a local and national levels.

The event encourages public, private and non-profit entities to raise awareness of the issue by embracing the color Purple – the symbolic hue for domestic violence awareness –, wearing purple or sponsoring awareness events such as the “Perfectly Imperfect in Purple Brunch” held on October 29, at 10 a.m. at the Old Town Tavern in Lawrenceville Ga. Please be sure to support this event by purchasing tickets, making an inkind donation, purchasing swagbag sponsorships, or purchasing a vendor table at the event. Learn more about the event here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/purfectly-imperfect-in-purple-brunch-tickets-25874489294


Live with Passion & Trials and Tribulations


Since the launching of “Women of Virtue Transitional Foundation, Inc”it has been such a challenge to say the very least. Several years ago, I realized my passion and my purpose, to help Domestic Violence survivors and their children with support services, programs, referral services, mentorship, and advocacy. In making this decision, I opted to invest much of my 401K funds into backing this purpose and also working as full-time manager for a nonprofit for nearly 13-years, single-parenting a very beautiful and rambunxious 5 year old, authoring two books, and single-handed finding my way in society which will allow me to stand on the shoulders of my forefather and foremothers that made change in our community and society.

A few weeks ago, I learned that I was overworked, overwhelmed and began to question whether I should pursue this purpose God crafted for me. Discouraged by the lack of support from my board and support team, slow ticket sales, and stress that slowly began to detioriate my mental health, not to mentiom my inability to connect with my father, God on a spiritual basis. I felt that I was hitting a wall, one that made me question the timing and purpose of my life.

However, I shared a very intimate and vulnerable conversation with a dear friend that made me realize that, you go through the hard times when the devil knows you are doing something powerful and in favor of God. The enemy was attacking my mental and faith and in doing so I was falling to pieces. In a moment’s time, someone prayed for me, my mother liste me up and mailed me bible verses to guide me through my hardships.

I had to step out on faith, maintain in the lane that God has laid out for me, and move forward towards what and where I am supposed to be in my passion.

Of course, we all have goals and dreams, but it can be difficult to stick with them especially when we focus on the negative implications associated with launching an organization as a sole individual. People often say, “I start with good intentions, but I can’t seem to maintain my consistency for a long period of time.” and that is where I was a week ago. It was hard but despite it all, God prevailed. I am growing and each challenge has strengthened, challenged, and mystified me in away that I have fallen, but I refused to fall down and stay.

Where are you in your purpose? Dont be discouraged.. surround yourself with people who love, support, and understand your purpose.


Sonya McKinzie

Women of Virtue Transitional Foundation, Inc. will be hosting its 1st Annual Brunch, Perfectly Imperfect in Purple

The non-profit organization Women of Virtue Transitional Foundation, Inc. will be hosting its 1st Annual Brunch, Perfectly Imperfect in Purple on October 29, 2016, at Olde Town Tavern and Grille in Lawrenceville, Georgia. Sonya McKinzie, CEO and President, of WOVTF will share how she transitioned from a victim to a survivor and her purpose for independently forming an organization that is destined to make a major difference in the lives of abuse victims and their children.

There will two wonderful guest speakers: Dr. Candice P. Cooper & Office James Howard. You will hear smooth tunes played on the saxophone by

Mr. Felix Paul in addition to great food, a silent auction, and numerous raffles, swag bags and gift baskets.

We have some amazing donors and are seeking SPONSORSHIPS, VENDORS, and SWAGBAG SPONSORS … read about the opportunities her

Tickets have been reduced to $25 for the 9th, 10th, and 11th.

Also we are seeking SPONSORS, VENDORS, and SWAG BAG SPONSORS*******

Women of Virtue Transitional Foundation Presents …”PUR”fectly Imperfect “PUR”ple Brunch on October 29, 2016 @ Old Towne Tavern & Grille, Lawrenceville, GA.

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