Seeking two domestic violence survivors to recognize at the Perfectly Imperfect in Purple Brunch… Read here for more information…

41czzP5JKxLWomen of Virtue Transitional Foundation Inc. is seeking two survivors of domestic violence to recognize and honor at the Perfectly Imperfect in Purple Brunch on October 29, 2016. If you know a survivor that you would like to nominate we would love to hear from you!

Please email us at and provide your and the survivor’s names, a letter about the nominee and why you feel they should be honored as the “2016 Domestic Violence Survivor” by Women of Virtue Transitional Foundation.

We look forward to hearing from you!!

*** Since this event is being held in Georgia, we are only accepting nominees from Georgia at this time; however in the future, we hope to present this opportunity on a national level********


Women of Virtue Transitional Foundation Inc. – Update on October 29, 2016 event

bc027603-136a-4206-bf6c-1a9494df18b2Women of Virtue Transitional Foundation Inc, will be hosting our first fundraiser brunch on October 29, 2016. We will have an auction with a growing list of awesome items! Some of the featured auction items include an 8-day/7 night vacation package for a location of your choice (Myrtle Beach, Daytona Beach, Hilton Head, SC amid other vacation package options), jewelry by Alex and Ani, beautiful gift baskets, Colleg
e of football hall of fame season tickets, ballet tickets, and more. We will spotlight the very gifted, Felix Paul, saxophonist who will play two solos in honor of those that lost their lives and survivors of domestic violence.

Law-enforcement and Crime stopper Officer, James Howard, will present information about domestic violence prevention and awareness from a law enforcement perspective.

Dr. Candice P. Cooper PHD, licensed family and marriage therapist that specializes in the area of trauma particularly domestic violence/intimate partner violence (IPV), sexual assault/abuse, and community violence that affects individuals, couples, and families will honor us with words from a therapist point of view.

Sonya McKinzie, CEO & President, will also share her story of domestic abuse, healing and growing from the effects of abuse, and what motivated her to start her own non-profit organization.

You do not want to miss this event.

Purchase your tickets here:…


Church today was amazingly enlightening as usual, When I walked out of the sanctuary doors, my mind was filled with various thoughts and emotions. The pastor talked about how we often unintentionally sabotage different areas of our lives by living in a LIE. For instance, something that resonated with me was the message about a father and child. When a father tells a child, they did not want them or either their parents divorce and the child is left with the feelings and thoughts that they were unwanted. The child might receive the parent leaving as a means of not wanting them and as a result, are hurt.

From a personal standpoint, I recognize this and it definitely hits closely to my heart. My father left when I was very young and as years passed by, we attempt to develop a relationship but the outcome was negative. It was not until today that I realized that perhaps the reason some of my personal relationships with men did not work was because I dated men that were not worthy of me and I in turn, felt I was not lovable. As a result of my poor choices in men, I fell into the pattern of being involved with men who hurt me. This provided further confirmation in my mind that I was not worthy of love. This is the “LIE” that my pastor spoke of. Sometimes we as individuals receive and process things incorrectly and as an outcome, we find we are in a place of sabotage. Deep-rooted issues lead to self-sabotaging of relationships, opportunities, growth, change, faith, etc.

When my pastor silenced the room and asked us to close our eyes and think about a time when we misinterpreted an event, I recalled the day my father basically told me he did not want me. When he told me that it was like every man in the world was telling me those words. As an adult woman, I found myself hurt through each and every relationship I encountered and much of that was a result of my choices and walking into the relationship with the expectation that “THE MAN” was going to hurt me. Again, Sabotage often showed its ugly face. Today, I asked God to forgive me for believing the LIE that I was not worthy of being loved by a man. It was not my father’s actions that determined and directed my future relationships with men, that was God and God’s alone; however the LIE in my mind was much louder than the voice of my heavenly father.

Can you relate to this situation? Think about your situation, and ask God to forgive you for receiving that lie and then ask God to show you the truth. This is where I am, what a beautiful recollection, to realize that God loves me and I am indeed lovable contrary to what my father did or said over nearly four decades ago. I always find nuggets in others stories. No one is perfect and we all have our imperfections that we must constantly work to improve. Mine is accepting the absence of my earthly father and recognizing my heavenly father is and always will be there.

Be blessed and know God loves you, if your earthly father is not present in your life, God is and always will be there and he loves and favors you.


Twelve Kind and Thoughtful Ways to Encourage Others

  1. Tell them that you love them
  2. Cheer them up with a hug
  3. Share a moment of recollection on a happier time with them
  4. Send an “I care about you” text message or email 
  5. Listen and without judgement 
  6. Invite them to lunch or to have a cup of coffee
  7. Surprise them with “just because” gift
  8. Encourage them to lean on God for faith and strength
  9. Share words from the Bible 
  10. Share words of recognition and kindness
  11. Leave a kind note of encouragement on their windshield, desk, or computer screen
  12. Send them a “I am thinking of you” card

The Power in Encouragement

I am in a season; it is a very challenging one. I believe it is fair to say that when we are in a season of challenge, it can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It often feels like you might be stagnated and in that season, it is hard to see the positive in the challenge we are faced with.

We will go through rainy storms of discontentment, discouragement, depression, sadness, and hopelessness, leaving us with a vulnerable and barren emptiness inside of us. When we feel that our worlds have been shaken apart, it is that very moment that we must place our faith in God.  Why? Because God never fails us. He is very eminent and consistent with his purpose and plan for us.

Sometimes, I will call my mother and share my feelings (sadness, uncertainty, etc.) and her words frequently remind me to be encouraged and rely on God’s purposeful plan for the season that I am in. She often refers me to scripture in the bible for reasoning and clarity. As of recent, she directed me to Psalm 27-28, the first verse starts “The Lord is my light and my salvation—  whom shall I fear?”. Those few words began to redirect my thoughts from the negative to the positive. Like God, my mother always seems to be right on time with her choices of inspiration.  The truth of the matter is, if we didn’t have bad seasons, we would not appreciate the great ones nor would we have a need to seek out God’s everlasting love.

Today, I challenge you to encourage someone that is in a season of challenge. Whether it is a family member, friend, or foe, give them a dose of encouragement. Often it is those who readily encourage others who never hear a word of inspiration. They always seem “upbeat and positive.” They are already hopeful and self-assured, right? But that is not always the case and when you actually pass along a word of inspiration to an encourager you will receive it back ten-fold.

Be blessed and have a safe and wonderful 4th of July weekend.