Running for Peace that Brings Life

Lord, I am thankful for your peace. The peace that is to come. The peace that restores and invigorates me. It is that same peace that has bought wholeness to my mind, body, spirit, and soul. When my heart grows weary, my mental and physical health suffers. It is then that you fill my cup and resurface my peace. I breathe easier. I sleep peacefully, comfortably, and silently. I can relax, and I can smile without question because I know that everything is and will be alright. God is in control. He handles the wheel and he brings me peace and solace. God brings life to me.

How are you working in the Peace area now days?


When people insult and falsely lie against you…

The end of my week was a very draining and disheartening one, nonetheless life moves forward because God had my back. Unwillingly, I gave in to frustration and aggravation, cultivated from lies that someone laid on me. In the middle of the lie, I remembered the service from last Sunday, titled “Identity”. During the service my pastor reminded me that we are not “what or who people accuse us to be but instead we belong to God and his definition of who are trumps the lies of those who are against us.

If Satan can’t deceive me, he can’t defeat me. That is applied to those that lie on and against me.  Those words are You’ve just uttered one of the most profound and simple.
The fact is, the only weapon Satan has at his disposal since Jesus stripped him of all authority—is deception. Satan can’t make you sick, plunder your finances, destroy your marriage, steal your kids or ruin your life without first deceiving you.  Satan has not and will not deceive  me. He will not steal  my joy and those stressful moments are just that- irrelevant moments and  God is taking care of that circumstance. I know “Whose I am”.

The form of distress that I was presented with this past week as Satan in his best and strongest form- deceitful. One thing my mother has always shared with me is that whenever someone lies on or hurts you, the root of the lie will come to surface and it is guaranteed.

Often we find it difficult to take the high road, ignore those hurtful and mean things that people tend to do and say to us. Why, because it is hard! Undeniably, it has been very painful, however, in that moment I was shielded by God’s divine presence and passion. When someone lies on you, it is very disappointing but the solace in that is knowing that those untruthful words, are indeed lies and that God knows the root of who and what I am. In the midst of all of this mess, I remember who is on your side: God.

God is truth; it is impossible for him to lie (Heb. 6:18). The day is coming when God will clear not only His own name, but your name, too. All my faith is in God, and I know that this turmoil that I am faced with is indeed one that God will see me through. Friday is behind me, and God has covered me with his blood. Today is a new day and the lies that was placed on me, are not mine to carry and wear. God has me and those lies are not mine.

In Matthew 5:11, it says blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Read it. Believe it. Feel it. Get it? Good… God has it, lies do not define us, God does.

Seeking Domestic Violence Survivors to share their story

Women of Virtue Transitional Foundation Inc.'s photo.

Good evening ,

I am Sonya McKinzie, CEO & President, of WOVTF and I am seeking survivors of Domestic Violence to share their stories at my event on October 29, 2016. Earlier this year, I received a small response and now that I have firmed and secured a venue and date for our 1st annual event, I am now in a position to repost this need.

Who/What am I seeking?

1. Women who have experienced DV (personally)
2. Moved forward to do something positive in the area of DV (i.e. started a support group, donate time to shelters, or launched a business that focuses on helping and empowering DVs)
3. Are open to sharing their story at the event (supporters of this cause)
4. Willing to meet and talk with me face to face over coffee or tea
5. Willing to commit to something awesome, opening the eyes of those who could never understand what we have been through as victims

While we cannot offer a financial benefit to you, it is an opportunity to share your story and make an impact on the lives of others. You will also receive a free ticket to the event, brunch, and a token of appreciation amid a few other items.You will be recognized on our communication (newsletters) and event program before and after the event.

To be considered for 1 of the 2 open slots for this event, please send your story to Please be as detailed as possible about your experience with DV and know it will not be shared unless you are selected for the event.

As a survivor, I will be standing along side the 2 candidates sharing my life experience with DV too, and if needed I will hold your hand, I promise. You may read a little about the event here:…

To learn about WOVTF please visit: