Lighting your candle

One of my deepest battles in life has been dealing with the feelings of inadequacy. Amid the layers of feeling inadequate are the feelings of vulnerability. It is simply impossible to allow yourself to be vulnerable without having some reservations. Hidden deep inside of you, and I is a space that is sacred, destined, and inevitably a part of God’s purpose plan for our lives.

For many years, I lived my life with both ends of the candle burning- running away from reality, challenges, my past, and possible failures. When forced to live my truth I realized that it mean opening old wounds of abuse, brokenness, disappointment, and rejection but it also meant excepting and embracing the product that stood before the floor length mirror. A perfectly Imperfect vessel that God created to do his will.

This past year, I have pushed myself towards boundaries that I feared for what seems like forever. I am living my truth and embracing and accepting all aspects of who I am— and even with the bumps, bruises, and all, I am a survivor. Far stronger than most and a little weaker than some. My existence here on earth is too short to live angry, annoyed, and simmering on something that has happened to me a decade ago. In doing that I would only be blocking my blessings. Today, tomorrow, and every day I will embrace my flaws, from my crooked teeth, full lips, dark skin, and any other flaw that some might consider imperfect. I love my flaws, I love who I am and no one person or thing can deter my view of who I am.

After peeling  back all the layers and discovering the breathtaking beauty inside of me, I find myself laughing at just how beautiful  I am. Not physically, spiritually and emotionally. I am a vessel and any vessel that belongs to God is beautiful beyond measure. Take a moment and look at what you see, then select those beautiful features about you that make you so different, so beautiful, and so unique.

Let your candle shine