Help support the “Build a Purple Ribbon Basket for a Domestic Violence Survivor” campaign

Women of Virtue Transitional Foundation, Inc has launched its “Build a Purple Ribbon Basket for a Domestic Violence Survivor” campaign and is seeking your help. We are working to bless 100 domestic violence and homeless domestic violence survivors in the Gwinnett, Barrow, and Walton counties to distribute in October the month of Domestic Violence Awareness.  

Your $50 donation will provide a Purple Ribbon Basket (including hygiene items, non-perishable food, $10 gift cards, and additional items). Any donation you are able to give towards this campaign will be gladly and humbly received. Each gift will be beautifully wrapped and delivered October through our organization.
You may donate to this cause through our website under the “DONATE” tab. Please be sure to note that your donation is for this cause.  Our Web site is All donations are tax-deductible and a receipt will be provided upon request. Any queries can be sent to  
Thank you in advance for your generosity!  I’m so excited to have these women receive these special gifts!
Please pass the word if you know someone who would like to sponsor one of these individuals! Thank you so much!!

Do not be defined …


I am always “so” amazed at the picture and bubble that some people place themselves in, and assume that others should “conform” to their reality. As Romans 12:2 says “I do not  conform to this world”.

Do not conform to someone else’s reality considering it is quite possible they are being “unrealistic” in that same painting and bubble they have created.

Do not be defined by any human or thing. Live your life as real and transparent as you can; in the end the truth always finds its way to the sunlight. ~ Sonya A. McKinzie (c)2016



Overtime, I have learned…

Over time, I have learned that pain is inevitable. It is all a part of the “Growing, Learning, and Living” process. Pain shows us that we are capable of being more than a statistic. Pain does not define who you are, it shows you who you can be. ~ Sonya A. McKinzie


To make a difference in someone’s life, you don’t have to be brilliant…

Yesterday, after working from 7:30 a.m to 3 p.m., I put in several hours at my nonprofit organization. One of my priority items was to return a call that I received earlier in the week. A call that made the end of my week a rewarding one…

When I retrieved the voicemail message, it was from a young lady who was going through a divorce and was afraid. She was under the impression that I would be able to assist her with her dilemma. In tears the young lady shared with me how she was struggling to find an attorney and with limited funds, she had been turned away by an attorney that was not affordable to her and also passed over my Legal aid as a result of their heavy case loads. For an hour, I shared dialogue with this young woman, relating on a number of situations, and I shared resources with her and even looked up information that might assist her. She continued to share how “God places people in your life for a reason and expressed how grateful she was that I would speak with her for an hour and not charge her a fee”.

Rethinking the conversation, I began to remember how afraid I was when I went through a divorce and how lonely it was sitting on my side of the court room without someone in my corner. I told her in her moment of tears and fear that she should not be afraid of being “judged” by her support system nor the judicial system as long as she is genuine and transparent on her day in court. By the end of the conversation, she was promising me that she would reach out to her family and ask for their support and remember that God is in control and has control of the situation.

I did not leave the office until after 7 p.m. but I felt more fulfilled than tired because I made a difference in someone’s life, even if it was not directly linked to Women of Virtue Transitional Foundation Inc’s purpose, it was directly connected to the content of my heart and that is to help others. It is amazing when God shows you a clear view of what it is you are intended to do in life to serve him and your purpose.  Remember, if you have a purpose, do not suppress it because of fear of failure, what others will think, or a lack of resources. Remember God has you in the beginning and the end, and everything happens for a reason.

Have a blessed Saturday and safe Memorial Day Holiday.


Lighting your candle

One of my deepest battles in life has been dealing with the feelings of inadequacy. Amid the layers of feeling inadequate are the feelings of vulnerability. It is simply impossible to allow yourself to be vulnerable without having some reservations. Hidden deep inside of you, and I is a space that is sacred, destined, and inevitably a part of God’s purpose plan for our lives.

For many years, I lived my life with both ends of the candle burning- running away from reality, challenges, my past, and possible failures. When forced to live my truth I realized that it mean opening old wounds of abuse, brokenness, disappointment, and rejection but it also meant excepting and embracing the product that stood before the floor length mirror. A perfectly Imperfect vessel that God created to do his will.

This past year, I have pushed myself towards boundaries that I feared for what seems like forever. I am living my truth and embracing and accepting all aspects of who I am— and even with the bumps, bruises, and all, I am a survivor. Far stronger than most and a little weaker than some. My existence here on earth is too short to live angry, annoyed, and simmering on something that has happened to me a decade ago. In doing that I would only be blocking my blessings. Today, tomorrow, and every day I will embrace my flaws, from my crooked teeth, full lips, dark skin, and any other flaw that some might consider imperfect. I love my flaws, I love who I am and no one person or thing can deter my view of who I am.

After peeling  back all the layers and discovering the breathtaking beauty inside of me, I find myself laughing at just how beautiful  I am. Not physically, spiritually and emotionally. I am a vessel and any vessel that belongs to God is beautiful beyond measure. Take a moment and look at what you see, then select those beautiful features about you that make you so different, so beautiful, and so unique.

Let your candle shine

God’s Plan- Our Purpose

Before preparing for church this morning, I felt compelled to share the words that are in my heart. When I set down with my uncle to discuss my desire to start my own non-profit organization, I recall his question “How are you going to benefit financially from a non-profit organization?” My response to him was “THIS” passion and purpose is not about the financial benefit, it is about making a difference in our community, helping abused women and their children, homeless, and elderly individuals. I did not pick this passion and purpose, God marked me for it before I was even born.

When I started the process for obtaining the 501c3 status for the Women of Virtue Transitional Foundation Inc., it was stressful. The paperwork: forms, affidavits, etc. and fees were endless. but I prayed my way through it. Then I questioned HOW and WHEN am I going to be able to work in my purpose to assist individuals when I still work full time to take care of my child and responsibilities? My mind was racing a “thousand miles” per second and even this morning it still it is.

When I reflect on where I was 10 years ago and where I am today, I reflect on my life, my life today. My life is attentive, receptive, and responsive to God and I am very aware of what he is doing in my life and all around me. And regardless of my uncertainty of what will happen in my future, I have been faithful that God will continue to provide and take care of me. 

I cannot take my eye or heart off of his purpose for my life. In all of my imperfections, I wonder why God chose me, and while the answer does not immediately come to mind, all I do know is that as long as I follow his plan and not give in, I will be great at helping his flock. If you are standing stagnant because you are afraid to step out on faith, remember God is in control and he has you no matter how dim things might look right now.

Be blessed and Happy Sunday!