Women of Virtue Transitional Foundation Inc – May 2016 Newsletter


501(C)(3) Non-Profit, Charitable & Humanitarian Organization  


The Women of Virtue Transitional Foundation Inc, founded on February 2016, is a non-profit, charitable, and humanitarian organization located in Gwinnett county. The organization is in place to provide charitable services and resources to domestic violence victims and their children, homeless individuals, and elders that are 60+ ,primarily in Gwinnett, Barrow, and Walton counties. (Other counties will be considered but assistance will be determined on a case-by-case basis). 


Committed to serving, empowering, and assisting abused women and their children, homeless individuals, and elders by promoting healthy and positive lifestyles through the services we provide. 


Sonya McKinzie is the CEO and President of Women of Virtue Transitional Foundation Inc, a 501(c)(3) organization. She is a single mother of a beautiful 5-year old princess and is a Christian. She is a survivor of domestic abuse, and was raised in a home where she witnessed it firsthand through her parents. She aspires to be an advocate and motivational speaker for abuse victims.

Sonya is also an author of the books “Perfectly Imperfect” and “Heaven Rain on me.” She is also an owner and blogger for “Daily Journeys: Receiving God’s Destiny.” 

She is a full-time Manager of Information Services at a non-profit organization where she has been employed for over twelve years.

Sonya often shares that she is not without flaws, humble when it comes to her accomplishments, but fast to recognize, compliment, and appreciate big and small accomplishments in others. With in mind, she uses her experience, education, and compassion for others as tools to make a difference, one life at a time.

I am excited to share that we have secured a designated office space for our clients to meet privately to discuss their needs.

To support the demands for clothing, hygiene, and food items, please donate your  gently worn or new items to us. Or you may donate funds by visiting the “Donate” area on our web site.

In the next few weeks Women of Virtue Transitional Foundation Inc, will be added to the list of Amazon.com‘s list of charities. This will allow Amazon.com to donate, to our foundation, 0.5% of our supporters total purchases

Once our organization name has been added to the list of Amazon.com charities, an update will be sent to all.

Thanking you in advance for your support and donations!


Getting the word out “Resources are available for abuse victims”

Last night while working on a project for my organization, a creative idea came to mind; an interesting method for making our presence known. See the attached picture. I think it is absolutely cute as a button. I wanted to make a packet that was both eye-catching and informative and I believe I struck gold here. What do you think??

The packet includes my business card, a little information about our programs, the population we serve, and a soft peppermint. With a note at the bottom that asks “Are you or do you know someone that is a victim of abuse? If yes, please take one.., it’s free” … Thank you, Lisa for your assistance with getting the information out…


Go, go, and go then keep on going….


In recent years, I learned to embrace the power of clarity, complete understanding. One evening, I recall laying in bed thinking about my passion, to be a CEO of my own organization.The vision of being the CEO and President of an organization geared towards human services pulled at my heart strings like a fish on the end of a fishing pole’s line. Subconsciously, I could hear God’s voice saying “Sonya, go-g0-go. Keep moving through the green lights”. The green lights are the indicators of what God has drawn in the sand for my life.

My passion to lead an organization that promotes empowerment, growth and stability to abuse victims was and is my purpose in life. However,it takes a special person to work in the field of human services, particularly in the areas of domestic violence and homelessness.

Often we take the easy road to avoid challenges. Yet, the most difficult routes taken are the most appreciated once the end of the road has been reached. I challenge you to go through the green lights without hesitation. When you are faced with red lights, wait for the green lights to appear and then Go-Go-Go.

If you have a dream or passion that you are afraid of pursuing think, move, and make it happen. You are capable of doing all things through faith in God and yourself. I challenge you – to step out on faith and make an empowering decision to be and do more…




He stays with me

By: Sonya McKinzie

He stays with me

In the darkness

In the stillness of the nigh

While the stars twinkle so bright

He stays with me

I am never alone

God is here

In this wide open space

In the darkness

I am comforted

In the silence of the nigh

I am not afraid

Because he is here

God has me

He is here

In the darkness

In the daylight

In the midst of the calm

In the midst of the storm

He is here

He will never stray

God is here

I am never alone

Copyright © 2016 by Sonya McKinzie.  All rights reserved. This poem or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher except for the use of brief quotations in a book review

Women of Virtue is seeking sponsors for the organization’s programs

Image result for pear up sponsorship

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If you or a friend use the code below when starting a new sponsorship that earns at least $25, then both groups — the new group *and* Women of Virtue Transitional.. — will receive a group award bonus of $25 each!

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Note: To qualify for this bonus, all referred groups must meet the eligibility requirements for any sponsorship program they select.

The Power of Your Testimony

Testimonies from Survivors of Domestic Violence Campaign – I want to hear your testimony – It matters to me and to the world!
So far, I have received three submissions from some very “determined, empowered, and humbled” survivors of abuse for the “Domestic Violence tell us your story campaign”. If you have a story or know a survivor of abuse, please share your story with us. We are seeking honorees for our fundraising event later this year. As a survivor, no one can tell my story of abuse, brokenness, and growth better than I can. As a Survivor, I encourage you to share your story because the world wants to hear it, I absolutely do.
After the submission deadline, our board will review the stories and select the top nominees and they will be invited to have brunch with Sonya McKinzie, the President of Women of Virtue Transitional Foundation. The candidates will also be recognized at the 1st Annual Women of Virtue Transitional Foundation Inc., Fundraiser held later this year.
If you or someone you know would be interested in entering this contest, please submit the information below to womenofvirtuefoundation@gmail.com before midnight on May 18th .
Phone number
City, State
Experience with domestic abuse
How long have you been a survivor or victim of abuse
Domestic Violence Poem (if selected, will be shared at the annual fundraiser)
More details to follow after the deadline….

Seeking Domestic Violence Survivors to share their story with Women of Virtue Transitional Foundation Inc

Women of Virtue Transitional Foundation’s President says “Share your story over brunch with me”… You have a voice and it needs to be heard. You have your life and it should be celebrated.

Following the selection process, the candidates will be notified by telephone and/or email. The winners will receive an all-expense paid brunch with Sonya McKinzie, CEO/President of Women of Virtue Transitional Foundation. During the brunch we will discuss our experiences with domestic violence amid other subject matters.  The candidates will receive V.I.P tickets and recognized as a keynote speaker and will share their poetry at the 1stAnnual Women of Virtue Transitional Foundation Inc., Fundraiser held later this year.

If you or someone you know would be interested in entering this contest
, please submit the information below to womenofvirtuefoundation@gmail.com before midnight on May 18th .

  1. Name
  2. Phone number
  3. City, State
  4. Experience with domestic abuse
  5. How long have you been a survivor or victim of abuse
  6. Domestic Violence Poem (if selected, will be shared at the annual fundraiser)
  7. Any other important information about you that will contribute to the board’s decision to select you as a winner of the brunch with Sonya A McKinzie, CEO/President of Women of Virtue Transitional Foundation Inc.
  8. Please also provide a headshot for the announcement of the winner(s)



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