Psalm 147:3 — He heals the brokenhearted

As humans we are creatures of habit. Often times habits are not favorable, and that’s the time to ask God for help in changing them. This past weekend I had the opportunity to assess several areas of my life and in this “space” this “process” I shed many tears. There was an outpour of sadness- pain. I was faced with one of my biggest fears, one that I thought no longer resonated inside of me. Sharing myself on my blog has become something I have grown to love and become accustomed to yet today, today’s blog is one of the few that has been hard for me to write. As I write my words here today, I am applying Psalm 147:3 as a guide. In this scripture it references God’s healing and binding of the broken in heart. This scripture is applied to relationships of all kinds: personal, professional, partnerships, etc.

In life, we learn that a common reaction to turmoil is for individuals to go into the “fight, flight or freeze” mode to protect themselves against feelings of pain, sadness, and brokenheartedness.  This past weekend I was educated about how many of us use the “fight and flight”to deal with most of our circumstances. I further learned that it is importamt for an unbiased party to assess a situation in order for you to clearly understand and process an issue. For much of my life I have had to fight and if I felt as if I was loosing the battle, I would abandon ship, give in, and move on to the next situation. 
I was reminded that all relationships are in place to help us to grow — personally and spiritually.Troubling relationships such as the absence of a father, breaking up of a relationship, conflicts in a work enviornment, etc. are all healthy and helpful to our growth. All relationships, partnerships, friendships whether good or bad can be gifts to us in learning more about who we are. For example, people who really get under our skin and annoy us, are our best teachers.

As a result of my learnimg experiences, I will continue to look at all of my relationships as growth experiences and move forward consciously by learning from them. This will not be an immediate shift in my life, but instead a gradual one but either way, all will come together as I walk and work through my indifferences. My obstalces will be viewed as opportunities to grow, improve, and to move forward while consciously learning from each and every one of them. I implore you to consider this approach if you can relate to much of what I have discusssed here.