Transform your fear into action

Fear is such a powerful emotion that it is often exploited by those who use it to manipulate and control others. When I think about how I was victimized by my abuser by physical abuse, I remember feeling as if I were out of control of my own life. As I rebuilt my power and regained my control, I realized that God was stronger than my abuser. God always had his hand on my pulse but with a closed mind and eyes, I was unable to acknowledge his presence.

When you fear someone or something, you will find yourself caught up in a web of self-destruction. In this space, one can talk themselves out of what God has planned for them and find they are in a dark, empty, and scary space. To those of you who are in this space, I implore you to  identify those fearful thoughts that are holding you back and replace them with faith. With faith in God and yourself, you are able to move beyond the fear and towards God’s purpose and plan for your life. Know that you are larger than your fears, hurts, mistakes, and strong-holds. You are courageous and capable of being what God destined you to be. Transform your fear into actions!