Inspiring the Future

2015 has been a long, hard year for me. It seems that this entire year has flown by. It is hard to believe that we are already in October, and less than 2 weeks away from my 40th birthday. Seems I have not had much time to sit and enjoy my accomplishments (i.e. quiet time with my daughter, family, friends, etc), but I have definitely put in a lot of time working hard. I have found myself breaking several deadlines because of my overflowing plate which is completely out of my character, needless to say, I have found that the more I have on my plate the more necessary it has become to try and make time to enjoy life.

It was placed on my heart to share with some of you, if you have dreams do not procrastinate, but also do not take time away from the important things such as family and life to make them come true. That probably sounds like a contradiction, but it is possible to do both through God. I am trying to master this skill, but I am finding it is possible though difficult. I would also like to share that if you aspirations, sitting still will not make them come to past. You must step out on faith, start out small and move from there. You have the ability to make whatever passions reality, chances must be taken in order to become what it is GOD has planned for you and your life.

If you are willing to work for your passions and aspirations, you are capable of becoming a Doer versus a Dreamer!


Darkskinisbeautiful a/k/a Sonya McKinzie

Please take some time to visit my new web site:!about-sonya/c1ktj there is much to come! Thank you for following me and supporting me and my aspirations!


October: Domestic Violence Awareness deserves more than JUST a month


As a survivor of domestic abuse, my passion and connection to this epidemic is heightened this time of year for a number of reasons. The primary reason is because it only has one month out of the year when it is highlighted and the second is because I am both a product of an abusive environment and have experienced it.  The number of domestic violence cases that go unreported is staggering when compared to the numbers that are reported. Primary reasons that abuse goes unreported result from the victim’s fear of what the outcome will be if they tell and lack of information.

Domestic violence does not have a specific look, feel, or touch. There is no stamp on a race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion when it comes to what the victim might or might not look like. Domestic violence encompasses emotional, verbal, sexual, and even financial abuse. Many victims remain in abusive situations/relationships because they may be a product of such an environment, have  no support system in place, no escape plan, no money, low self-esteem and/or self-love, dependent on someone else for love amid many other reasons. Personally speaking, I remained in the relationship far longer than I should have for several reasons, lack of self-love, being a product of that environment, fatherless child and uninformed of how a man was supposed to treat me as a young woman, disconnection from my faith and spirituality, and dependent on someone else for my happiness (so I thought).

If you are an abuse victim, there are countless resources available to you. You are never alone in this as a matter of fact, the resources available to abuse victims have grown over the past decade. No one deserves abuse. Your power is yours and yours alone. God gifted you with life and no one has the right to take that away.

Acknowledging abuse is difficult, but that is the first step to moving away from the situation and towards a healthier and empowered you. The Georgia Coalition against Domestic Violence provided some great FAQs on their web site about abuse, please take some time to review them here. In the meantime, I am providing some links to various resources that will be beneficial to those that might need assistance with removing themselves from an abusive situation below. Also remember that God is a call away and you are never alone as long as you place your faith and trust in him.!home/mainPage

Be blessed and Happy Saturday ya’ll!