Fatherlessness by Sonya McKinzie

How interesting and fitting it was the topic of discussion at church this past Sunday, Father’s Day. The topic was “Fatherlessness”. Our pastor passionately explained how children/adults go through life with the void of a father find themselves with wounds, emotional wounds. Ironically, I am a product of fatherlessness. I always knew that the absence of a father in my life affected me. Often, I discussed how my father being inactive in my life made an impact on me emotionally.

It took many years for me to acknowledge my wounds. The wounds that was deep inside of me, fatherlessness-wounds. I neglected to take my time, to grieve the death of my father-daughter relationship that died shortly after its birth. Pains of my father-wounds were frequently triggered by instances that resulted in the need for a father figure, later followed by personal conversations with God. Emotionally I felt as if I were rejected by my father and pondered the reasons a man could leave an innocent child, I later found my answer. The same answer that was later articulated in the Father’s Day message in the Father’s Day 2015 sermon, that some men can be selfish, immature, and/or unwilling to be a responsible father. That’s some of the reasons that fathers walk away from their responsibility. The fact that fathers leave, by no means is a result of something the child has done but instead all in part of the bad choices that humans make as imperfect creatures.

The pastor’s message Sunday, reminded me of the generational curse that might have find itself hoovering over my seed, if I allowed it.

I refuse to allow fatherlessness to be a continuation of my brokenness. I was reminded that while there are people who go without earthly fathers, in sadness, they fail to recognize the presence of our Heavenly Father. No, we cannot see him, our touch him in the flesh, but we can feel him in our spirit and he never leaves us. I was reminded that it is my responsibility to close the gap between my daughter’s relationship with our Heavenly father God.

Fatherless has been an epidemic, I am not a part of it nor is my seed. The epidemic does not continue with us, God is our father, always and forever will be.


Sonya a/k/a Ms. Darkskinisbeautiful


This mornin’ by Sonya McKinzie

This mornin’

By: Sonya McKinzie

This mornin’

I woke to the roarin’ of thunder

the rain tapped against my bedroom’s window pane

it covered any traces of sunshine

the clouds parted then started cryin’

this mornin’ the skies’ tears were welcomed

and with open arms

watchin’ from the window

I could see the grass smilin’

lookin’ back at me

smilin’ and laughin’

And the roses laughin’

caus’ today’s sunshine was kind

it closed the blinds then allowed the rain to fall

straight from the cloudy skies

then Summer and its hot and sultry demeanor

was minimized

To my surprise

 the rain invited the coolness of the air

and where there is coolness

heat does not linger there

This mornin’

the rain was calm and sweet

a pleasant and peaceful treat

This mornin’

Copyright © 2015 by Sonya McKinzie.  All rights reserved. This poem or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher except for the use of brief quotations in a book review

Spirituality: Humanly imperfections

One of my faults lies in my “worrying gene”. Often, I allow myself to worry over “this” and “that” while I am well aware that my worrying never has or ever will resolve an issue. I have often imagined how wonderful it would be to be a little more carefree like raindrops or leaves that fall. Have you ever sat and looked out the window on a rainy day? Think about the raindrops. As beautiful as they are, they are never the same. No two raindrops look exactly the same. Raindrops, are natural and from God as we are. In our natural element, we are art, created and molded by our father God. We are responsible for making smart decisions, we will inevitably make mistakes, and we must remember that we are imperfect creations. Our resolutions to errors rest with asking God for forgiveness and guidance. We are products of God. We are his creations. We are his proof that he is miraculous and his work is no less than genius.

Have you explored your spirituality? If yes, what did you discover about you and your relationship with God?

Dear God, I am grateful for your wisdom and guidance on my spiritual journey. I will seek you out so that I might find a deeper understanding of my purpose in this world and in Heaven. Amen.

Your child, Sonya