He + Me = We by: Sonya A McKinzie

He flows through my mind like streaming water

Then drips down slowly

All over me

Then he bursts

Roaring into an explosive eruption

down pours

All over me


His love is all over me

His love is inside of me

He and me

He + Me = We

Connected to create we

Our creation

Our baby

Carried in my womb

And he protects us

Wraps us up in his love

Carries us under his wings

And like an eagle

He soars

Carrying us above the earth

Just beneath the clouds

He + Me = We

copyright © 2015 by Sonya McKinzie.  All rights reserved. This poem or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher except for the use of brief quotations in a book review


The Newness of Me and You by Sonya A. McKinzie

Like the wind

You sweep me up

Wrap me in your sweet restrain

Your touch navigates my skin

And falls between my fractures and slips within

Pulling me closer, pushing me further to the edge

Just when I am about to fall over

Your catch me

And pull me back in for another wind

Frozen in time

I imagine myself mangled and entwined

Caught up in your euphoria




By your presence

The Newness of Me and You

 Copyright © 2015 by Sonya McKinzie.  All rights reserved. This poem or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher except for the use of brief quotations in a book review

Life’s Lessons are about so much more than people, things, and events …..

Sometimes we are humans tend to forget that we should live our lives not only living and breathing but doing so with purpose.  Many times we travel through life on auto-pilot, only to go through the motions and accepting whatever cards we are dealt.  Some of our realisms are faded and colorless, because we accept mediocre outcomes. Instead of appreciating and embracing people, things, or events in our lives are favorable to our lives, we accept people, things, or events that brings no value to us; those same people, things, or events that are not parallel with where we are going in life.  Sometimes people, things, or events hold onto us like anchors on a ship and holds us on in one place, stagnant and unmoved.

A little over a year ago, I chose me. I opted to do some spring cleaning and throw out the negative people, things, or events that I allowed to take up residence in my life. These people and things weren’t paying rent and yet they lived inside of me and continued to depreciate the value inside of me.  It took much prayer, time and effort to ignore unconstructive, tactless commentary as it hindered my self-improvement and empowerment.  God is good. He reminds us that we must continually do self-inventory on ourselves, lives, and on the people and things that are in it.

While I do not have control over others actions, I have complete control over my reactions to those who do not mean me well.  Those that have lied to or hurt me are forgiven but there actions will never be forgotten. Listening to my inner voice has not steered me wrong as long as it was coupled with prayer to my God for guidance.  Listening to my inner voice has gifted me with many opportunities that only one could dream of.  I admit that sometimes, I forget how blessed I am and in doing so, I backslide. But just like turning over a new leaf, I fall down, wipe off, and then keep it moving –resetting my point-of-view.

God has blessed me abundantly and I am abundantly blessed.  One of those blessings is my beautiful angel. My life has unfolded like a rose in a garden and it has changed and transcended from a bud to a fully bloom in the Spring time.  I have been given the vision to see when someone is genuine or synthetic. This knowledge comes from life experience, experiences that I will never regret and wear as metals of honor.  I am thankful for the blessing, immense blessings that lay before me. For those who love and cherish me. Those that respect and adore me. Those that embrace and care for me. Those that respect me. Those that encourage and motivate me. Those that did not trespass against me.  Those that love me when I did not love myself. Those that saw my beauty when I did not. Those that valued me as I valued them.  Those who have helped me move from the past to the current and lovingly.

Time changes things. Life is not always about fixing something that has been broken. Some situations cannot be fixed. Sometimes things happen to strengthen people when they are weak. Strength not only displays the ability to move forward and survive the hardest times but it also proves that if you have to press the reset button, you can do so and start brand new. Whether you fall down once, twice., three times, four times, or many more, you can always get back up and do a reset, but don’t make it a habit.  Make the reset button and opportunity to get back up and try again, harder and diligently.


Ms. Darkskinisbeautiful

The Perks of Being a Single Parent

As 11138535_10152836621568233_7778642409144476091_na young girl, young adult, and a matured woman I remember how I dreamt of the perfect unity between me and the man I would essentially spend the rest of my life with. Of course thinking deeper, I imagined raising beautiful children in a home with both parents as I did not have that; nevertheless I was raised by an amazingly loving mother and grandmother. However it is something about the family unit that is so righteous. Somewhere along that creation of the beautifully painted picture, I had a reality check. The reality was that I became a single mother unexpectedly, beautifully unexpectedly and while it was amazing finding out that I had conceived a child after many years of being told by healthcare professionals it might not be possible, it was scary, exciting, and unbelievable all at once. As with many things in life, the relationship ended and I suppose like many things the relationship had its season and it ended leaving behind a beautiful and miraculous gift. As a single mommy, I have to say it is one of the most challengingly AMAZING opportunities for a woman to endure. As a single mommy, I see her face each and every day, experience every new step and change in her life, and all while soaking it all in.
Many people look at me as if I am crazy when I say, my newly 4-year old daughter still sleeps with me and I sacrifice peaceful nights of sleep to experience her foot, hand, head, and anything else in my face, back, stomach, and side at night. She wrestles with me in her sleep and while I am sleep deprived, I would not trade it for anything in the world.
I told her when she turned 4-years old she would be moving into her beautifully decorated bed and sleep in her Queen size bed and get out of mine. She immediately says “No Mommy, I want to be with you” and considering I am such a lush, mush I give in to her requests. That is one of the good things about being a single mommy because you get to make the call as to whether your child should get out of your bed, unlimited snuggle time, endless opportunities to soak up her love and affections that little ones exude. In the mornings when I wake and do the “Tickle bunny” with her, I get to hear that giggle gaggle that brings sunshine to any given day and when I pick her up from daycare, events, or friends’ she runs to me with open arms and screams “Mommy”.
While it is easy to think and talk about the hardships of being a single mommy, it is much more rewarding and motivating to discuss the awesomely wonderful things that we are single parents get to experience with our little ones. I love being a single mommy. Please do not get it twisted, I do not like the single life, however I love the perks of being able to have my sweet Poo to myself and not have to share all of the love her little heart has to give. If you are a single parent, do not focus on the hard times every day, TODAY, think about how wonderful it is being a single parent and the perks that come with having little ones that depend on only you.

Ms. Darkskinisnbeautiful

Reawakening The Inner Purpose …

The evening of Easter, I sat sipping a glass of Sangria (which I do not do often) and while waiting for Easter dinner to finish cooking, I started to think about the sermon I heard earlier that morning and wondered how could change my life to live more purposefully.  These thoughts were motivated by much of the teachings I heard earlier and I felt fire inside of me to act on God’s purpose for my life as I have been blessed with knowing exacting what my purpose for existing is. As many of you know, I am passionate about helping underprivileged and abuse victims find a way out troubling situations which is why I was motivated to return to college and pursue an MBA in Human Services.  In 2013, I launched my blog as a platform to share and communicate with my followers and provide some guidance based on my personal experiences with life as well welcome feedback and directives from those who I follow.  That said, sure I can use my blog and the books that I write as a means to motivate and encourage others, but it is not enough because there is so much more that God has for me to do.

Our pastor discussed “New” and being born again and moving forward in a new spirit and while much of my life has changed and shifted, there are bits and pieces that need to be tweaked and fine-tuned.  Yesterday, on Easter Day, during an impromptu alter call, I found myself standing listening to our pastor pray over us and drenched in tears, and I did not care who was looking simply because I was in my moment with God and humbled as I often am.  I was convicted. There was an awakening inside of me that flowed through my veins, to the outside of my brown skin …. It was beautifully unique and completely personal to me.


Ms. Darkskinisbeautiful

Dreams by Sonya A. McKinzie

Black love

I wander – aimlessly

Through the darkness

Mangled up in your dreams

Floating on clouds above drunken skies

Realizing that you aren’t here

I cannot be near you

When my eyes are closed you visit me

In my dreams

Afraid to wake before I kiss you

It will only make me miss you more

Waiting in the rain

Staring through the window

Anticipating the first sight of your smile

I wander –aimlessly

And desire

Crave and miss you

Meet me

In the middle

Where the clouds touch the earth

And rainbows overshadow

The descending sun

Where we dance to melodic lyrics

Of love


Me and you


In our dreams

Where our hearts



And souls


Meet in my dreams

Come and spend the night

Watching falling stars

Take flight

Rap me in the sand so when the sandman arrives

I dictate my dream

To him, so he can create a replay

A rerun of the last time I with you

In the thunder and rain

In late May

That late night

When our hearts and bodies took flight

In our dreams

Copyright © 2015 by Sonya McKinzie.  All rights reserved. This poem or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher except for the use of brief quotations in a book review