When I sit down and think about my life, the first thought that comes to mind is “struggle”. I reflect on a comment a friend made to me just a few days ago, she said “girl, all this mess seems like a ongoing nightmare”. And I told her “all I can do is laugh, because I know after I go through it all, God will reveal to me what it is he has in store”. There are greater things for me a head, up the road. Challenges are all apart of Satan’s plan to distract me from what God has for me. It is with his interceptions that he tries to discourage me and encourage me to throw in the towel, but I refuse.

Thinking about earlier this week, I received my grade for a major project that I placed much effort, sweat, and tears into and found that I received a failing grade. This was my second failing grade on a project in this class and it made no sense to me because, I made A’s on all six tests and discussion boards and when I reached out to the teacher she had no real logic. As a matter fact, she did not even know who I was because she dealt with so many students. Then I learned that someone that I felt meant me well and looked out for my best interest turned out to be the opposite, and then I got an unexpected bill in the mail that was much more than I expected and so I had to rearrange my finances to make things balance. But these are only small obstacles that I encountered recently, but I am sharing this just to say that Satan is always trying to intercept with his negativity and turn my world upside down, but it is with my faith in God that I am able to weather these constant storms. I am confident that God has something better in store for me and my journey on the earth.

I refuse to be moved, by any person or thing other than my God.

If you are going through something, stand still and know God will move when it is time and no sooner.


Ms. Darkskinisbeautiful