Spiritual Awakening

There are times when we do not realize that we are on pause, asleep and in dire need of an awakening. There are bits and pieces of us that slowly descend into a dark, hollow place and we are often none the wiser. Subconsciously we might know but we are not definite in our knowing; unaware of the slow death that resides inside of us. Our spirit slowly fading into a shallow place, where there is nothing but darkness and barren faces.

This place that I am speaking of is a place where low self-confidence, lack of self-love, and self-worth resides. Spirits travel here after enduring constant disappointments, brokenness and sadness; it is when a person is often failed by people, life and society.

As imperfect humans, molded and cultivated by God we feel and it is through feelings we find we are connected to various emotions that can be either good or bad. It is through trials and tribulations that we find that we have a disconnection from God, our savior and are left to the wolves. The wolves prey on weak spirits and souls that do not have direction; broken and torn to pieces by unfavorable instances in life. Tenacity is removed from the spirit when Lucifer is permitted into our spirits and starves us.  And draining the soul of its life which results in spiritual hunger; a hunger that only God can satisfy. It is through, re-connection to God that we are awakened and protected by God’s love. It is through Christian eyes that we are revitalized. Awaken your spirit and allow God back in.


Ms. Darkskinisbeautiful