Think. Dissect. Recollect. Rationalize and Contemplate on it.


There is nothing more rewarding than finally reaching a goal that you struggled to reach, or obtaining something that you strived to get especially when you overcame countless obstacles along the way. It is like being in the darkness and unable to find a small shimmering light after walking miles, miles, and more miles. And after all the time and effort … you see a sparkle; a tiny glimmering light at the end of the tunnel and it confirms that daylight, sunlight, any light is not too far ahead.

How exhilarating is it when you achieve a goal that once seemed unattainable? Doesn’t it feel good when you are blessed your desires?

Recollect, on the dreams and aspirations that once seemed unreachable, but later were achieved. Astonishing isn’t it?

The dreams, prayers, and desires of your heart… the ones that you obsessed over…. chased… and fought for… do you wonder were they worth it?

Was the time invested wisely? Was the energy applied effectively? And was the commitment worth the achieved goals? Were the fulfilled aspirations worth all the vigor invested into the triumph?

Were the prayers that were requested genuine? Were the efforts sincere? Were the aspirations yours or someone else’s? Was God in every aspect of these struggles for more?

Think. Dissect. Recollect. Rationalize and Contemplate on it. Be sure that the dreams, aspirations, prayers, and efforts were for the best interest of you.


Ms. Darkskinisbeautiful