Abstinence: A Single Mother’s Journey

This is a personal journey that I am currently in the midst of. I am on day 270 of my 365 day journey. It was not until a few days ago when I began to evaluate my current lifestyle and my relationship status, that I realized just how long it had been since I shared intimacy with someone.  I realize that in waiting for the right person to come, I have had the opportunity to set realistic standards for the person I will essentially spend the rest of my life with. While most men would not appreciate dating a woman who does not give in to sex a month or two into the situation, I have faith that the one God has designed for me, will wait until the time is right.

This year, much of my time has been spent caring for my daughter, working and attending school full time all while placing relationships on the bottom of my list of “To Do Things”. In doing this, I have successfully neglected my needs. My needs to be loved and give love and while there are moments when I feel alone and want to be needed and loved, I simply place the ball back in God’s court and as him for guidance towards my husband to be.

In the meantime, I plan to continue to be abstinent. As of December 29, 2014, I am 270 days into 365 days of celibacy.  I find it quite interesting when I share that I am practicing abstinence with men, they typically think that I am joking. The average comment is “How could you expect a man to want to be in a relationship with you without being tempted?”. That comment is a clear indicator of immaturity. I will be one of the first people to admit that intimacy and love-making are both big components of a relationship, but relationships without sex is also a great opportunity for both partners to get to know each other, genuinely get to know one another inside and out.

This is my journey that I am taking one day at a time.  Be blessed.



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  1. Continue your journey and it is a astonishing how long you have been committed to your plans, personally I am still a virgin and plan to be one until marriage, but i am sure you probably don’t need my reassurance.

    1. That is wonderful. I am proud of my decision and plan to stand strong behind it.

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