I lost an earth angel and gained a guardian angel -dedicated to Pat McCarty

wpid-emotional-healing.jpgAbout 6-8 years ago, I met a spunky, maybe 5 feet tall, white woman (laughs). She was so feisty and had a comeback for any comment you had for her. She had no hair and no eyebrows with the mouth of a sailor. She was working with our company as a contractor and was very outspoken. I did not know much about her other than she was a scary little lady. Overtime she and I would cross paths and she would always tell me how sweet I sounded on the telephones as I worked in the customer service department. She often joked about my temperament and if that if the callers bothered me too much, I should give her the telephone so she could tell them where to go.

As time moved forward, we developed a friendship and I developed a strong liking for her and those delicious chocolate cream cheese muffins she often made. I later found out that she was in remission for ovarian cancer hence her missing hair and eyelashes (we would joke). Overtime, she eventually build up enough strength to return to work as a nurse and her beautiful hair and eyelashes returned.

When she was no longer working near me in the office, we began to make lunch dates and sit and chat about life, experiences, and where we both were in those areas. Through it all, we discussed personal, light-hearted, and matters of the heart. She became one of my dearest friends and as a result, I grew a respect for her love that is indescribable.10451329_10152495395958233_3956212156801534382_n

Over the past several months, we had not had the opportunity to meet for lunch and rarely had the chance to talk by telephone. The reason … her ovarian cancer returned and this time, there were no positive words or answers this time around. On, October 11, 2014, I saw her for the first time for month and the last time in this lifetime. We shared an hour or so about our divine meeting, her life history, the things she shared with family and friends, stories about her many ventures to Savannah, Ga and her love for life. For some reason, I knew it would be the last time, I would touch her, hold her, and look at her face and in sadness, I held her longer with each hug longer than I ever had. She and my daughter shared a few hug exchanges and she gave her a beautiful charm bracelet to remember her by.  On Tuesday, October 21, 2014 she called me and left a message on my voice mail as I had requested in our last visit. I told her, I wanted her to voice to remember her by so that I could play the message when I wanted to be close to her in her absence.

In sadness, I find myself tearing when I think of her departure. She left us on October 24, 2014 and selfishly I want her to come back. I loved her a little bit more than she knew and I ask God for his intervention at this sad time for her immediate family and all of those that loved her.

Patricia McCarty, you will be missed and I pray for strength to remove the sadness from my spirit in your absence as I know you are in a better place.

Forever Loved,

Sonya McKinzie

I will see you in Heaven.


Death to Noise written by Sonya McKinzie

You are the truest truth

The realest reality

Your heart is purer that the word itself

Your presence is warm on the coldest day

You bring solace to my inner pain

You heal every broken space

You erase the hurt from every inch of me

You are death to noise

You are death to my Emotional noise

You are death to my Spiritual noise

You are death to my Psychological noise

You are death to noise

You silence the rage

You calm the turbulent seas

You slay the fury inside of me

Death to Noise

And you are my silent place where only God and I go.

Written by Sonya McKinzie a/k/a Ms. Darkskinisbeautiful

Copywritten by Sonya McKinzie