When the chips are down


Over the past month, I have found that I have not been as faithful to my followers as I normally am. I have not been faithfully posting and sharing, encouraging, motivating and, purging myself of my day-to-day ins and outs and I apologize. Somewhere along the way, I have allowed the monotony of life to take away my ‘ME’ time. My me time includes the time I share with you here and in my serenity space.

Last week was a very challenging week for me and my daughter. The earlier part of the week, she came home with a low-grade fever which quickly progressed to something serious. On Tuesday, we went to see her Pediatrician and she was sent home with a regimen to take aspirin (liquid form) three times a day for two days and if her fever did not break we were to return to the office.

On Thursday, we returned with a temp of 101.9 and mild dehydration, and she was given a dose of antibiotic (aggressive) by way of an injection. As of Friday morning her fever remained so we were sent to the ER for her to possibly be admitted. Several hours after entering the ER, she was admitted with a diagnosis of tonsillitis, an abscess (infected mass on her tonsil), dehydration, and a fever.

10154906_10152434457783233_2450736207942458336_nAs a single mother, that works and attends college full-time it has been a challenge but a blessing to have had the strength, perseverance, love, and support from my family and loved ones to make it through. While my daughter is only three years old, she has never been admitted into the hospital at least not overnight. This was very scary for me, because while I have a support system most of them are hours away.

There is nothing more disturbing and frightening than having a little one in pain with IVs, healthcare providers poking, checking, monitoring your child and all awhile your child is begging for your protection. I stopped counting how many times I had to reassure and apologize to my daughter for having to go through the pains that came with her treatment in the hospital. I spent much of the time reassuring her that mommy would never do anything to intentionally hurt her and the things the nurses and doctors were doing were so that she would feel better. It is always interesting me how hospitals are supposed to be where the sick are to rest and heal, but it seems that is where you get the least rest.

For a week, we went through her being ill and finally we are near amends and under her doctor’s care.  I am fortunate enough to have built a dependable employment track record with my employer so they have been flexible and understanding about my time away and have allowed me to do some work from home. With my daughter at home, I am thankfully and humbly blessed! 10696464_10152431133528233_6251438344777088994_nTo get me through, I had a dear friend and her mother visit us and had Goldfish in hand for my Poo and a bag of snickers for me. My family, friends and co-workers checked on us and sent their prayers and the most awesome team at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta watched my Poo so I could visit the library to rent movies for me and my daughter, stroll, and take a snack break in the Cafe’. Without these people, I was able to get through this obstacle. My instructor gave me an extension for my assignments and I so I had some reprieves all around.

I am also thankful for followers who follow and support me here. I also hope that my words about my recent experience as a single mommy helps to motivate other like parents and encourage them when you are faced with hard times, friends, family and God (not in that order) are there to hold and support you. It is all so humbling when you have no control and have to give it all to God to take care of a direct. Be blessed and I will try to commit more time to personal self and to my followers at darkskinisbeautiful.wordpress.com.


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  1. One thing: NEVER apologize for doing what you have to do. You and yours come first. God bless you. ❤

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