Even when times are hard, be diligent and faithful to God and his purpose for your life

Today, I had the pleasure of speaking with a wonderful Christian woman while by telephone. Her call was one of my first calls of the day. During our 20 plus minutes or so long telephone conversation, I learned of the countless hardships she was encountering in her life. From that unique and beautifully illuminating conversation stemmed a miraculous outcome; an outcome that affected me both personally and professionally.

During our conversation, we shared like experiences both in our personal and professional lives and that we both felt God was forcing us to sit still and listen to what he was trying to tell us. As women who liked to be in control of their lives and the outcomes wherein, we shared our complete understanding that God is in control and drives our lives no matter how in control of our lives “We” as Christians think we are.

She shared some very simple yet grounding words with me “Take time for yourself and God. Find a quiet place and pray. Give him is time” because sometimes people get so busy they forget and then are forced to sit down and give him his due time. Unfortunately, this was her case and because of this situation, she had to temporarily retire from her place due to her medical situation.

In this sad moment of having to retire, I shared with her that “While this profession might be your passion, God has something bigger in store for you. He felt the need to sit you still, so you could hear him and receive clarity of why you are enduring these things”.

In that moment, she began to cry; I didn’t know if I should feel bad or glad. She shared with me that she was OK, and the tears were good tears and she shared how appreciative she was for the conversation we had earlier this morning. I told her, that I am glad I could give a sense of comfort to her and shared my blog with her. I also shared with her that while she is sitting still and waiting for God to do his work on her and in her life, she should write, journal. Wouldn’t you know it?

She shared that she already was doing that and that she too loved to write. What an amazing moment. God started my Monday morning with her for a reason and God allowed us to share that moment on the telephone because we were beneficial to one another. She was reassured that someone else was experiencing similar circumstances like hers and her suffering was not in vain.

Sometimes, we are shocked when we go through trials and tribulations especially when feel we are being faithful to God and his will for our lives. Sometimes our trials are presented simply because our faith in God is being tested as shared in the Bible verse 1 Peter 1:6-7.

God wants us to remain faithful no matter how hard and trying this might be. In the end, there is a purpose for what we are going through.

God loves you!

Be blessed,


Ms. Darkskinisbeautiful



  1. Tee says:

    Guess who? I am the Christian woman being referred to in the blog above. It was a true inspiration speaking with “Msdarkskinisbeautiful”. She was the highlight of my morning(aside of a most gracious GOD allowing me to awake , breathe
    and speak. ) He also allowed me to be in the mist of
    HIS PRESENCE and my family. I still had , what I
    thought to be a difficult decision to face yet it was
    found to be just another obstacle toovercome moving closer towards GOD’S will for my life for which I yearn for understanding while
    adhering to his commands. He is truly a GOD OF A SECOND CHANCES(and more). I am a living witness for I am currently in the midst of a storm.
    His answer at this moment is to sit still and in doing that I had to retire from a career that I have enjoyed for 14 plus years. While that is an outstanding oustanding record. My health and my “track record with obeying GOD” is much more important. Thanks again for your kindness:-)

    1. Hi! I had hoped you would read this blog as it was motivated by and dedicated to you. You are something wonderful and no less than a living testimony. Be blessed and rest, rest and listen for his words. Always, Sonya

  2. misselsie19 says:

    Blessed 🙂 Thanks for sharing this.

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