Guarded: Is there such a thing as being too guarded?


I wish i m blessed with such a bless As for u work on it plz coz when u put something in ur mind u do it :) 2222

As imperfectly human vessels, we find ourselves in completely complicated predicaments more often than not. As creations of God, he knows us through and through. As bearers of imperfection, we test God’s patience daily and as always he shows us favor. He is consistent, loving, forgiving, and a constant in our lives.

Unlike God, we are not always as consistent, loving, and open with him and loved ones that surround us. I realized that I was guilty of this about five years ago. Up until recent, prayer seemed to be difficult for me and when speaking to him in a quiet place it was a challenge for me. I could not focus on the words that I attempted to speak in the silence of a room. I have never really been the stern and spiritually grounded person, but like any other area of our lives, that is one that I am constantly working to improve.

Often I find myself finding short and quiet moments which allow me to edge my way into deep thought processes, and in those moments, I ponder over an array of issues. Recently, I have pondered over my inability to connect on a deeper level with people who are assets to my life.

In that moment, I rationalized and realized that I am indeed guarded. In being guarded, I am very careful about who I will or will not allow in my personal space. This is definitely a learned behavior that 5 times out of 10 works in my favor. A friend of mine asked me a few months ago “Why are you so dubious” and then, I was not clear on her question or the direction it came from. After a deeper conversation with her, I understood her question. Seems she felt that I question nearly everything and I would have to agree, I am a very inquisitive young lady. I have always been told that if you don’t ask questions, you will never know.

Are you cautious about who and when you allow people in your life?
Is there such a thing as being too guarded?


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