Remove my insecurities by Sonya McKinzie


When I am near you,

I feel as if I am in the presence of a stranger,

Your words cut deep,

When you look at me,

I am weak,

I am afraid,

Stolen, lost identity

My identity

Where does my life begin and end,

You are supposed to protect me,

Instead you hurt me,

Your hands are enemies to my flesh,

Unable to escape the pain,

Loneliness is the blame,

Fear of failure,

Co-dependent on you,

Afraid of surviving without you,

Fear of crawling,

Unsure if I could ever walk alone,


Unsure of my identity,

Who am I,

Living out my life alone,

Unable to escape the pain,

Loneliness is the blame,

Lack of confidence,

A learned habit,


God please take it out,

Remove my insecurities,

Give me the strength and ability to walk,

Walk away from this situation,

Mold me,

Make me new,

Depending only on your God and myself,

Take this brokenness away and replace it with grace,

God wash my scarlet sins,

and make my soul white as snow,

God take me and make me new,

I give all of myself to you.