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Considering that I have set the ambiance for writing, I think it is fitting that I should do so while listening to some good eclectic music. All day, I have thought about serene and rainy nights. It seems to be that is when I rest most peacefully and when I write my very best. It is unfortunate that tonight is not one of those nights.

Tonight, I am feeling a little conversational, spiritually and emotionally. Thinking about what exactly it is that I see when I look into the mirror … a beautiful black, single mother, who has been broken and pasted back together countless times. Life has pushed me time more than once or twice and the air has been knocked out of me as I gasped to get my wits about me. Pain has darkened my door step more times than a few, but sunshine has always found its way back.

Challenges have strengthened me and my faith in God. Obstacles are like stepping-stones to the “truth”. Tonight, I am feeling conversational.

I wonder what “being in love feels like”? Is it more intense than “loving” someone? Or are these two things the same? I imagine being in love goes deeper than love. You are connected to someone spiritually, emotionally, mentally and completely. Imagine being wrapped up in everlasting love. Then finding your soul’s mate as you were designed to, divinely connected.

Interlude, my mind takes me to a different scene … I embrace being mother and carry it on my chest as if it were a metal of gold. My daughter is my best gift from God. Her entrance was more than welcomed and ever since her arrival she has been more than a mother could have ever dreamed. Motherhood is one of the best unpaid jobs in the world, I recall hearing someone say.

My mind is flowing like a wild river, traveling in different directions and headed up-stream and over a waterfall, pouring down over the rocks and emptying into the open sea. Tonight, I am feeling conversational. How are you feeling?


Ms. Darkskinisbeautiful

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  1. sly says:

    You are so beautiful your soul is one of the reasons I still believe in the beauty of a black woman thank you for all you’ve shown me in life I love you so much for helping me become all I know is in me to be love you and I’ve always seem you your beauty now the world can see you now from a freind

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