Speed Bumps: God’s way of opening our eyes to life

july 11 2014

I often share the good, bad and ugly here on my blog, but today I am sharing the very personal in addition to all those other things. Today is a little scary day for me because today is real to and for me.  I am sitting at the Georgia Cancer Center with my laptop, IV in my arm surrounded by cancer patients.

It is quite interesting that until recently I didn’t take the time to take care of me… of course that happening after I was medically required to. For several years I was experiencing symptoms such as light-headedness, heart palpitations, dizziness amid other symptoms and later finding that the symptoms were being associated with anxiety versus the real cause.

What is the root cause?

Iron deficiency anemia.

WebMD  says this occurs when your body doesn’t have enough iron. When someone’s iron is low there is a decrease in the amount of oxygen carried through the body. There are a number of causes of iron deficiency anemia however personally mine is a result of my body’s lack in ability to absorb iron. This problem occurred because I had a part of my small intestine removed in 2006 when I had the gastric bypass.

For several years, I shared with my healthcare provider that I would on occasions feel weak and tire out easily, feel dizzy, grumpy or cranky, have frequent headaches, short of breath, have a hard time retaining information and have trouble concentrating. My healthcare provider diagnosed these symptoms as being associated with anxiety.

That was the wrong answer?!

After my recent annual visit we noticed that my B, D, iron, hemoglobin and red blood cell count was low so my provider referred me to a gastroenterologist however, I felt it was proper to see a hematologist. Upon visiting with a hematologist she advised me that she felt that an iron infusion would be necessary. After processing the financial aspect of the treatments I set the appointment and today here I sit at the cancer center. I must admit, when I walked into the cancer center I was nervous but then I looked around the room a thought I could be in a worse situation. Thank God its iron deficiency and not cancer.

In the face of a situation like this, I look around the room and know that God is virtuous. He favors me and I cannot and will not grumble. I am a little teary eyed but, I am faithful that this is just a minor speed bump because there is something God needs me to slow down to, notice and respond to.


Ms. Darkskinisbeautiful