As a mother….

As a  mother, I find it interesting that we are able to make a dollar out of fifteen cents, create a gourmet meal with limited resources, magically make a “hurt leg” brand new.   I remember the first day that I took my daughter home from the hospital and t how grateful I was to have my mom there for two weeks. She showed me all the essential things that I needed to know like how to feed, burp, and change my daughter’s diapers and how to wash her gently with the water at the perfect temperature.

Then  my mind wanders to when she was about to leave and go back home (about 6 hours away) and leave me there to care for my little stranger, alone and miles away from the nearest hospital, stores, etc… and I asked her to take us with her. Over the course of 2 weeks, my mom showed me the beauty in being a mother and my daughter showed me the beauty of being a mother to her.

Before becoming a mother, I had no idea how important the little things were and how much you could love one “very little person”. There has been nothing more rewarding in my life than being a mother. Motherhood is priceless and its value is immeasurable.  With three years behind me as a mother, I know there are so many more years and lessons to come and I bask in the synergy surrounding these motherly adventures.  As a mother that is single, I wonder how I make it look so effortless. At least, that is what I have been told and all I can say is because of love. My daughter is my highest honor.

When I think of the battles that I walked through because of my love for my daughter, I say to myself it is and was nothing but God. The way I handle things now days are with a grain of salt because I have more important things to focus on than the minor issues that are around me. Everything that I do is for the love of my daughter, and I enjoy it. Her happiness, comfort and security means the world to me, so that my needs are no longer a priority.

Sometimes, I sit and think how could a parent ever walk away from such a beautiful creation? Why would you not want to see a product of who you in full bloom? Nonetheless, I am prayerful that as a single mommy, I am and will continue to be the best mommy I can be to her.

Feeling all warm and fuzzy inside!



Ms. Darkskinisbeautiful