External beauty is overrated

External beauty is overrated

What is it that you see

When you stare back at me

Perhaps it is a shallow shell,




External beauty

Look a little closer

Now tell me

What do you see

Is it my spirit

Or my soul

The inner place that defines me

When I look in the mirror

I see a flower

A wallflower

Seemingly shy internally

Open and outspoken externally

A contradiction


I say, Beauty is overrated

Do not look at my exterior

See my heart and soul



Imperfectly Human

Am I just a piece of art

that fades into the background

Or am I vivid even when I fail to speak

Would you know how deep I can get

If it were words that I neglect

to share

Passion runs through me

Like a river

Then drips through my spirit


and soul

it cover me

Internal beauty

External beauty is overrated

See me

The most sacred places inside

Of me

Let me open my heart

Pull you deep inside my soul

Then perhaps you will see external beauty

Is overrated

I dare you

To come inside

Inside my private place

So that you can see all that I am



And my passion will grab hold

and overpower you

Hour after hour

Day after day

Month after month

Year after year

Decade after decade

See the beauty that lies within me

Disregard the external

See me

Know me

Touch me

The fragile and deeper side of me

External beauty is overrated