Dear God, I Thank You!

These past few years have been very challenging for me but with all the challenges (Good and Bad), I consider the challenges to be blessings from God that have and continue to strengthen me. It is almost as if these obstacles have been bitter-sweetness… I have had bad experiences with people who I thought were looking out for my best interest only to find out otherwise.  Only to later understand that God placed circumstances and people in my life for a purpose.

Last Friday, my 3-year old had her adenoids removed and tubes put in, found out the home that I had searched and searched months dangles in the balance due to human error (but because of my faith in God, I know no one person or thing can take anything he intended for me from me), I had a disagreement with someone who I considered to be near and dear to me, was challenged by an incident in my work environment that challenged me both personally and professionally and the list goes on and on. This said, I could sit here and complain and gripe and complain some more but what good would it do?

Instead I will share the wonderful things that God presented me with like, he placed a wonderful person in my life, someone who will be a friend for years to come. The friend that encourages and enlightens me with the goodness of God’s love and favor.

God also gifted me with an amazing token of recognition for a job well done in my place of employment (after 10 plus years). Amazingly enough, neither of these blessings were expected; God placed them in my life right when I needed them the most, precisely and strategically…

Did you realize that when things get you down and seem impossible, that is “exactly” when God steps in and “shows out”. He shows us just how much he favors us. God is so, so amazing and I thank him for the Good and the Bad…. I give him the praise because without the challenges in life, I would not know when and how to appreciate the blessings when they come my way…

Dear God, I thank you, thank you and thank you again!

How amazing is God to you?


Ms. Darkskinisbeautiful



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