Mental Foreplay by Sonya McKinzie

You pulled me in with your intriguing eyes

And your nonverbal expressions connected

Our minds

wrapped up like a gift and sealed with a kiss

Fire rises and pulsates

through my veins

Exploding with sensuality

like lava filled volcanoes

Our seeds are planted deep into mother earth

and passion blooms from our loins

and gives birth to ever lasting love

We are locked together

Erotically entwined and

still for what feels like decades in time

Our bodies paint pictures

On canvases along the skylines

And sheds light on the stars that burn

bright and spills like milk over honey

Along the seashore

where our souls unite for ever more

Mental foreplay

Stimulation in our  minds

Painted pictures that safe-keeps

memories of each moment

when our souls collided

and gave birth to our