Honesty is the best policy?!

A recent incident influenced my decision to summarize my views and thoughts about lying. There is nothing that offends and hurts  me more than someone who I care about patronizing me with lies and dishonesty. I believe that honesty is indeed the best policy regardless of the circumstance. I have heard people say “there is nothing wrong with a white lie” however I would have to disagree simply because a lie is a lie. For some people being honest is a difficult task to fulfill especially when they are familiar with often lying.  It is funny because once you tell a lie it either snowballs into a bigger lie or either the truth reveals its face at some point.

When someone lies to me, I find it very hard to trust their words and/or actions in the future. Recently I had an encounter with someone who shared with me that their problem with lying was a habit. And I would agree habitual lying is definitely a learned habit. Personally, I do not think that someone is born a liar. One of the many subject that comes to mind is “Lying” when I meet someone because it is one of my largest pet peeves. Personally, I would prefer being hurt by the truth than deceived by a lie.

The Bible states in Proverbs 12:22 “Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord, but those who act faithfully are his delight”. Sometimes honesty places you in uncomfortable situations but in the long run, you will feel better about being honest versus lying. You are responsible for the words that are released from your mouth and you must be accountable for your actions. Honesty is indeed the best policy. As long as you are honesty, you will always come out on top.


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