Forgetting to be grateful for the little things

Several months ago while having dinner, I noticed the great customer service that the waitress was providing to us and thought, she must love her job.  Upon leaving the restaurant I left a tip of $10.00 at the table simply because I was so pleased with her service.  About 2 steps from the exit of the door, the waitress came running behind me and said “Thank you, thank you”. At that moment, I was compelled to turn and hug her. In my mind, I could only imagine the kind of day, week or month she had. She was so appreciative for the humble tip that I left on the table and the appreciation that she displayed was enough to make any bad day good.

Often I forget to be grateful for the little things and I suppose this was the reason that God placed that thought on my heart and mind. While I cannot trace my steps backwards, I say openly and lovingly, thank you to everyone that I might have forgotten to thank yesterday, today and/or tomorrow.

I am a project, and God is still working on me.

Did you tell someone thank you today for the little or big thing they did for you?


Ms. Darkskinisbeautiful