The impact of stress and strain on relationships

This morning while preparing for my day, I stopped and read an article titled “The impact of stress and strain on relationships” and it was very informative. It bought about some clarity about relationships and why they do or don’t work. Through experience, I know that financial and communication issues can wreak havoc on any kind of relationship, particularly personal relationships. During one of my “Girlfriend” chats, we discussed work and personal relationships and how they tend to go array from time-to-time. One of the key points that came out of the conversations was professional relationships and determining when and where to draw the line. One of the ladies discussed her inability to connect with one of her co-workers that she worked directly with and the situation was so sticky that she could not even speak with the person without growing annoyed. This coming from my dear friend was quite odd considering she is one of the nicest people who I know not to mention her patience is out of the world, laughs. Finances and poor communication seems to be common stressors that effect relationships. As someone who is all so familiar with ineffective communication in relationships, it is hard when you bring two people together with two different personalities and let’s not cause in the genders. When there is stress present in relationships anger and resentment tend to be common outcomes. Perhaps these are some of the reasons why I remained single for several years. When you are in a relationship, there is more than one person to think about which means there are various choices, decisions and point of views.
Relationships are complex. People and relationships are even more complex. Building and nurturing healthy relationships need work and sometimes we have to remember that relationships are like jobs on some level and to perfect them, all parties must remember work must be vested. Open thoughts – social flow of my thoughts about relationships both personal and professional. What are your thoughts? Share – I would love to hear them.


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