As a woman, I have always relied on me to get me through difficult situations, often attempting to give my problems to God but unsuccessful at leaving them in his care. I admit, i have been ignorant to the fact that its okay to be humble and vulnerable in the presence of God. Several months ago, I stripped myself down to the core and then did something that has always been difficult for me, I allowed God to take the wheel and steer.  I  then sat back and took a breath and watched him move through my issues in life.

Lately I have been selfish, overwhelmed by life and too selfish to turn it over to God. Instead of sharing my problems with God, I tried to keep them to myself and sadly failed at resolving them. God, I come to you this morning and ask for your guidance in getting through my day-to-day ventures, good and bad.

God please, take my life in your hands and let your will be done. I am tired of standing on top of this hill, alone and drained of my power…

Take me and do as you will, make my life your canvas and paint the way to the light….


I surrender, again, and again…

Ms. Darkskinisbeautiful