Dreams come true


Every now and then, I find myself barreling through daydreams like rainbows that burst through cottony white clouds. Tonight, I laid in the darkness beside my dream come true and watched her as she slept. She squirmed and tossed then turned until she was comfortably positioned in her spot, her favorite spot in my bed. And while she rested, I thanked God for blessing me.

He saw my wants and needs and as humble as they were he gifted me. After feeling that being a homeowner would not be a near future possibility, he laid the home of my primary choice on my plate and said “Sonya partake”.

How wishful was my thinking when I said God, I want my baby to have a space where she can rest and know that it is home. I thank God for his favor and for giving me peace and serenity in finding a place in life where I am supposed to be.

I thank God for my spiritual wealth and for giving me life and breath. I thank God for allowing me to see that the world is but a possibility.

I thank God.

Ms. Darkskinisbeaitiful