Dear God, I Thank You!

These past few years have been very challenging for me but with all the challenges (Good and Bad), I consider the challenges to be blessings from God that have and continue to strengthen me. It is almost as if these obstacles have been bitter-sweetness… I have had bad experiences with people who I thought were looking out for my best interest only to find out otherwise.  Only to later understand that God placed circumstances and people in my life for a purpose.

Last Friday, my 3-year old had her adenoids removed and tubes put in, found out the home that I had searched and searched months dangles in the balance due to human error (but because of my faith in God, I know no one person or thing can take anything he intended for me from me), I had a disagreement with someone who I considered to be near and dear to me, was challenged by an incident in my work environment that challenged me both personally and professionally and the list goes on and on. This said, I could sit here and complain and gripe and complain some more but what good would it do?

Instead I will share the wonderful things that God presented me with like, he placed a wonderful person in my life, someone who will be a friend for years to come. The friend that encourages and enlightens me with the goodness of God’s love and favor.

God also gifted me with an amazing token of recognition for a job well done in my place of employment (after 10 plus years). Amazingly enough, neither of these blessings were expected; God placed them in my life right when I needed them the most, precisely and strategically…

Did you realize that when things get you down and seem impossible, that is “exactly” when God steps in and “shows out”. He shows us just how much he favors us. God is so, so amazing and I thank him for the Good and the Bad…. I give him the praise because without the challenges in life, I would not know when and how to appreciate the blessings when they come my way…

Dear God, I thank you, thank you and thank you again!

How amazing is God to you?


Ms. Darkskinisbeautiful



She was there: Dedicated to my mother


Sometimes I sit and wonder where would I be if I didn’t have my mother. It is amazing how long it took me to see her value. I suppose it is true when you are a child, you do not think of anyone else but yourself. Children tend to be selfish until they encounter the realities of life. Years ago, I used to think my mother was too stern and mean, but it took moving away from home to see that her mothering skills were in place to prepare me for what was to come. My friends used to tell me how nice my mother was but all I could see what the rare times when I would ask for something and she would say no. Interestingly enough, it was not until I reached my mid-twenties that I realized my mom was one of the best women in the world. My earth angel and hero without armor. She saved me when I could not save myself. She prayed for me when I did not have the faith inside of me. She carried me when I could not walk the road and encouraged me when I was without hope.

I spend many quiet times thinking over the countless times that my mother was there. Like when I tried to take my life because I did not understand why things were so impossible as a teen. Or when I found out I was pregnant after several doctors declared that I would have issues with fertility. She was there from the time my baby was in my womb until we reached the birthing table in my hospital room. Looking at my daughter she resembles my mother so there is no question in my mind, that my mother knows that to be so.

She was there and prayed for me. She cried for and with me, when I felt I was alone… my mother, my friend, my sister and my father all in one. My mother is and always will be my  number one fan, she has faith in even when I do not. She believes in all of my dreams and aspirations and shares with me that there is nothing that I cannot do as long as I support my belief in God and myself too.

She was there and I cannot imagine life with her presence because she is the reason for my existence.


Ms. Darkskinisbeautiful

Mental Foreplay by Sonya McKinzie

You pulled me in with your intriguing eyes

And your nonverbal expressions connected

Our minds

wrapped up like a gift and sealed with a kiss

Fire rises and pulsates

through my veins

Exploding with sensuality

like lava filled volcanoes

Our seeds are planted deep into mother earth

and passion blooms from our loins

and gives birth to ever lasting love

We are locked together

Erotically entwined and

still for what feels like decades in time

Our bodies paint pictures

On canvases along the skylines

And sheds light on the stars that burn

bright and spills like milk over honey

Along the seashore

where our souls unite for ever more

Mental foreplay

Stimulation in our  minds

Painted pictures that safe-keeps

memories of each moment

when our souls collided

and gave birth to our



Honesty is the best policy?!

A recent incident influenced my decision to summarize my views and thoughts about lying. There is nothing that offends and hurts  me more than someone who I care about patronizing me with lies and dishonesty. I believe that honesty is indeed the best policy regardless of the circumstance. I have heard people say “there is nothing wrong with a white lie” however I would have to disagree simply because a lie is a lie. For some people being honest is a difficult task to fulfill especially when they are familiar with often lying.  It is funny because once you tell a lie it either snowballs into a bigger lie or either the truth reveals its face at some point.

When someone lies to me, I find it very hard to trust their words and/or actions in the future. Recently I had an encounter with someone who shared with me that their problem with lying was a habit. And I would agree habitual lying is definitely a learned habit. Personally, I do not think that someone is born a liar. One of the many subject that comes to mind is “Lying” when I meet someone because it is one of my largest pet peeves. Personally, I would prefer being hurt by the truth than deceived by a lie.

The Bible states in Proverbs 12:22 “Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord, but those who act faithfully are his delight”. Sometimes honesty places you in uncomfortable situations but in the long run, you will feel better about being honest versus lying. You are responsible for the words that are released from your mouth and you must be accountable for your actions. Honesty is indeed the best policy. As long as you are honesty, you will always come out on top.


Ms. Darkskinisbeautiful