You are… by Sonya McKinzie

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We should never compare ourselves to others, because no two people are the same

Your skin is dark and creamy

Your skin is a smooth shade of almond brown

Your skin is light brown and like cream in cocoa

Your skin is indescribable

You owe no explanation for your skin tone

You owe no excuse for your existence

Never think that anyone is better than you,

Or that your self-worth is less valuable than theirs,

Don’t spend priceless time thinking that you are insignificant

Your existence is very significant

You are a jewel

Beautiful and rare

Your magnificence is internal and external

You are brilliant

You are amazing

You are appreciated

You are highly favored

You simply are brilliance and I am in awe of you

You wear your love like coat of armor

You should see your self-worth and yourself for what you really are

A beautiful shooting star

You soar above the world, sparkling and perfectly in control

Your journey is a growing “Testimony”

One that no other person can share

Because it is your testimony,

Yours alone

No one could ever be as divine are you are

A wonderful spirit that is sacred and kind

You are brilliant

Brilliance in every meaning of the word

You are unique

You are special

You are kindred

You are God’s child

You are beauty reborn

Believe in you

Just as I believe in me

You are the begin and end to your possibilities

Allow your imagination and creativity to carry you

Over the horizon and beyond the clouds

Melting in the skies

And dripping on the stars

You are highly favored

They see you

For what you really are

An amazing super star

Just open your eyes and see all the possibilities

Because you are

Amazing —

You are brilliance

Brilliance in all of its excellence

You must believe that

You are deeper than a color

You are deeper than a skin tone

You are more unique than any passer in the street

Because I cannot believe it for you

You must believe it for yourself
You are…

A hidden treasure waiting to be found
You are brilliance

You just have to believe it.