To remove the shadows in “Your Life” open your eyes

Last night, while having a bout with insomnia, I read an article titled “7-simple tips to stay in the now”. The article was about being happy and stress-free. I had to laugh because if life were stress-free no one would have grey hair or worry lines.  The article listed the following 7 steps as means of being happy without stress:

  1. Notice your tendencies
  2. Practice acceptance
  3. Focus on your breath
  4. Question your thoughts
  5. Use reminders
  6. Be determined
  7. Follow your passion

Steps 2, 4, 5 and 7 are some of my more commonly used methods for attempting to distress, while often unsuccessful.  The author, Henri Junttila, stated “In today’s world it’s all too easy to get distracted from what’s truly important. Wherever you go, and whatever you do, you see messages designed to get you to perform a specific action to distract you from the fact that you are already whole” (Junttila, 2014). From a personal standpoint, I would have to agree.  About a week ago, I was preapproved to purchase another home after submitting to doing a short sale in 2012 on my first home. There was a 2 year waiting period and patiently I waited for the 2 year timeline to come to pass because I wanted to be in a home, a real home for me and my daughter to call home.  In addition to that God blessed me with a great grade in one of my MA classes, after a near 3 year relationship hiatus my personal path has crossed with a good man that loves and appreciates me, the few supporters donated to my Kickstarter Project and my purpose to help and advocate domestic violence victims, and I found that I am on the border of a promotion after being committed to the same company and department for 10 plus year. With all of the good things that have graced my life, you would think I would be dancing on clouds, but I have found myself more stressed with worry than if things were going in the opposite direction.

Typically the one concerned with others happiness, I find that I am lacking with it comes to my own. I mean I almost feel ungrateful because amidst all of the beautiful things going on in my life, I have somehow found a sour patch in my garden of glory.

In speaking with my mother last night, I tried to avoid the elephant in the room. The melancholy tone in my voice, the avoidance of discussing my boyfriend (that I had pushed away for nearly 2 days) and the long pauses between awkward comments, so I finally gave in and began to share with her how down I felt with all of the good things that were going on and in her motherly, tern tone, she said “Sonya, please. You find things to worry about”. And I openly admitted, this was nothing but the enemy trying to steal my joy.  And while I didn’t pull my spirits up immediately, I started to come around today. Picked up the phone and called my understanding boyfriend, posted a blog encouraging others and began to praise God for all the good he has blessed me with.

My mother’s maternal way of “Kicking me in the pants”, Henri Junttila’s article, and God’s presence have influenced a shift in my mood and reminded me that I am indeed blessed.  And when I have those hiccups throughout my day, I should remember that it is just the enemy trying to get the best of me.

To remove the shadows in “Your Life” open your eyes so you can see the sunshine!

Have a blessed and momentous day,


Ms. Darkskinisbeautiful