Loving and forgiving others

Four things you Can't recover:<br />
The Stone after the throw.<br />
The Word after it's said.<br />
The Occassion after it's missed.<br />
The Time after it's gone.

A few days ago, I was sitting and chatting with a co-worker about friends that we went to school with and how at such early ages they have departed this world. I found myself saddened by the time that I spent frivolously allowing time to pass me by when I could have loved, forgiven, appreciated and shared with those that I love and hold dear. We have so many opportunities and chances to love others and show our appreciation for them, let’s not waste anymore of our time being angry, holding grudges, feeling sorry for ourselves, turning the cheek and looking the other way when we could be happy reconciling our differences and making a difference in someone who we love and hold dear life.

Be mindful of the time you have left here on this earth and move pass the ridiculous, pointless, frivolous issues that you have with others.


Ms. Darkskinisbeautiful


You adore me? By Sonya McKinzie



You adore me?

Me, and my flaws and all

You respect me and all of my rules and regulations, you view them as laws

You make me laugh when I am sad

You calm my raging emotions when I am mad

You wipe away tears and ease the pain

Loving me intensely as if you were a thunderstorm and I were the rain

You adore me?

You say that you are in love with me

And that inside my heart is where you want my love for you to be


You tell me often that we deserve

Deserve one another

You say, that you adore me

I ask how you could

You adore me?

You love and accept my child as if she were you own

Always supporting my parenting yet guiding me

Interjecting your thoughts and concerns as you sit on the sideline

And watch me learn

Learn to grow as a single parent

And must I add, I am pretty good at it

You adore me?


Respecting me as a mother, parent, lover and friend

You say that you adore everything about me

Flaws and all

You think I am classy, I say I am silly

Is that what you said?

You think my attitude is calm and never rude

I say I am sharp as a tack

And hotter than a pepper

You adore my selflessness

The way I give until there is nothing less to give

You say that you fell in love with my smile

Appreciated the way I loved my child

You adore me?

You say that my bark is worse than my bite

I say, whatever man

You say that you adore my forgiveness

I say, I am too forgiving

You think that I am wifey material

And that you appreciate our friendship

You think that I am sexy and have beautiful lips

The sway of my hips

I say I digress

You think that I am an overall success

I think that I am not quite where I should be professionally and personally

You disagree

You think I am as perfect as can be

You love my cooking

And like my corny jokes

You adore my dark skin

The dark skin that I am in

You say that I am your best friend

You would follow me until the end

End of time

I say ditto man

You think I am beautiful

I say, I alright-

Maybe you are right

You promise me that if I let you inside my heart

You would never part

I ask, how you could make a promise like that

You say, because we are destined

Soul mates in unity

You tell me that you appreciate the fact that I like to debate

But humbly love everyone and could never hate

You say I am your motivation

You appreciate my dedication

You compliment my inspiration

When I inspire you

You embrace my confidence

And understand my insecurity

You say that you are adore me

For so many reasons, but particularly

Because you want to marry me


You are… by Sonya McKinzie

Close Window

We should never compare ourselves to others, because no two people are the same

Your skin is dark and creamy

Your skin is a smooth shade of almond brown

Your skin is light brown and like cream in cocoa

Your skin is indescribable

You owe no explanation for your skin tone

You owe no excuse for your existence

Never think that anyone is better than you,

Or that your self-worth is less valuable than theirs,

Don’t spend priceless time thinking that you are insignificant

Your existence is very significant

You are a jewel

Beautiful and rare

Your magnificence is internal and external

You are brilliant

You are amazing

You are appreciated

You are highly favored

You simply are brilliance and I am in awe of you

You wear your love like coat of armor

You should see your self-worth and yourself for what you really are

A beautiful shooting star

You soar above the world, sparkling and perfectly in control

Your journey is a growing “Testimony”

One that no other person can share

Because it is your testimony,

Yours alone

No one could ever be as divine are you are

A wonderful spirit that is sacred and kind

You are brilliant

Brilliance in every meaning of the word

You are unique

You are special

You are kindred

You are God’s child

You are beauty reborn

Believe in you

Just as I believe in me

You are the begin and end to your possibilities

Allow your imagination and creativity to carry you

Over the horizon and beyond the clouds

Melting in the skies

And dripping on the stars

You are highly favored

They see you

For what you really are

An amazing super star

Just open your eyes and see all the possibilities

Because you are

Amazing —

You are brilliance

Brilliance in all of its excellence

You must believe that

You are deeper than a color

You are deeper than a skin tone

You are more unique than any passer in the street

Because I cannot believe it for you

You must believe it for yourself
You are…

A hidden treasure waiting to be found
You are brilliance

You just have to believe it.


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Sonya McKinzie, author of “Heaven Rain on Me …so that I can be the black woman that God Destined Me to Be” has been writing since the young age of 12-years old.

On February 18, 2014 she launched a Kickstarter Project focused on Domestic Violence, emotionally troubled and broken individuals. Through this project she plans to invest all funds into publishing and donating book to those in her community. As a recovering domestic violence victim, she

chose to use Poetry and Journal Therapy” as outlet for her personal growth and healing.  She offers personal life experiences as an instrument to encourage and motivate others. It often that many individuals do not understand the emotional and psychological people go through with regard to abuse, grief, brokenness, etc. – and it is not often resolved through verbally sharing and/or counseling.

If you or know someone that is:

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Please be sure to send any questions that you have regarding the project to sonya_mckinzie@yahoo.com

Visit her blog at Darkskinisbeautiful.wordpress.com

The “Mis” understanding in love

Love is extraordinary and quite unique, especially since we have no control over it. We do not have the ability to regulate who our hearts love, the outcomes of loving someone and the direction that love carries us in. As human-beings we are unable to dictate and decide where it will start and where it will end.

Relationships are born and die each and every day and people fall in and out of love like the changes in the direction of the wind. Love often frays and unravels right before our eyes just as easily as it twists and turns into a bow made from love and all the ingredients that breathes life into it.

Sometimes people tend to think that love must be completely equal to last. Personally speaking, I do not agree. The reason is because we do not all love the same; some of us love harder than others. And while there might be love between two people they might love one another differently. Interestingly enough, love frays and falls to pieces because of misconceptions, miscommunication and misunderstandings all of these words begin with “Mis” which means “incorrect”. Isn’t it funny how these words find themselves amidst the words that are used to define characteristics of “love”?

Then there are those times when we love someone who simply are not deserving of our love and yet, we love them with the mindset that “while they do not deserve our love, we cannot do better”.  This is another misunderstanding- because you, we- are worth more than just settling.

Loving someone else means loving yourself, auditing your inventory and then determining your personal value. Once you have “checked” yourself at all checkpoints, then you can do with a better understanding of love and how it is that you find that love God has selected for you. Knowing your self-worth allows you to move path the time-wasters that we often “Mis” take as ones we can and will love.

Love yourself, self-evaluate your worth and determine your value, so that you will attract the one that will love you without conditions and as God sees fit.


Ms. Darkskinisbeautiful