A Dream: Helping others with words of God, Life, Love and encouragement

 This is my TRUE STORY AND DREAM …..

I was born in Brunswick, Georgia and am a 38- year old single mother of one daughter. I am employed full-time with a nonprofit organization, full time student majoring in Human Services Counseling with a minor in Criminal Justice.  Several years ago, I found my passion and my God given purpose and have since dreamed of building on that passion. I want to be advocate for domestic violence victims, encourage, support their growth and show them how you can go from being a victim to being a living testimony.  My vision is to share my experiences through word, poetry and visiting organizations to speak with small groups and share my stories of trials and tribulations and to share her triumphant. My vision is to start with sharing my testimonies through my books and then starts my own nonprofit organization that will help those in bad situations associated with homelessness as a result of domestic violence or other find a way out, clothing, homes, job searches, transportation to safe havens, etc.  My future endeavors are exclusively built upon carrying out God’s plan for my ife which is to bring to life a not-for-profit organization that will concentrate on assisting women, men and children who are in a violent situations and/or who are misplaced find a new purpose in life with the guidance of God and the love of others who will support God’s will for their lives.

I have been writing poetry and narratives since my early teen years; however I did not begin to take my writing seriously until the late 90’s. Through my writing I have found an outlet and a means of self-healing.  After many years of hesitation and contemplation, I finally released my self-published book, Heaven Rain on me so that I can be the black woman that God destined me to be” January 2011. The book is a compilation of poems and narratives that are based on her real life experiences about pain, brokenness, happiness and daily obstacles. Through my book of primarily poetry I paint.the colors of life and through these mind visuals. I hope to nurture, enlighten, save or open the eyes of others. It outlines by way of poetry and narratives, my encounters with domestic violence in both family and intimate relationships. In addition to my personal relationships,  I struggled with my weight, emotional obstacles and being broken dreams of being a mother one day, but through it all I have had my mother as angel who held me up and friends who loved and uplifted me through the good and the bad. I classify my book as the first of many ventures that in this journey called life, assisting others who have experienced comparable events in their life with finding the light at the end of their tunnels. Through my books, I will continue to share my personal familiarity with spiritual, emotional and physical brokenness. I am confirming in my words that life does carry on after the storms are over and that it is essentially up to you which direction you will take to find your place in life. My personal choice is directed by God and his purpose for life and she poses the question “What path will you choose” as a challenge to others…

This is a dream that I will make come true regardless of how many obstacles are in my way! I am determined to make a difference in someone’s life one person, one step at a time… I pray that you support me with making my $5725.00 goal for making this personal dream a reality, so that I can begin to assist those that are unable to help themselves make a change in their lives spiritually, emotionally and personally see the sun at the end of the tunnel. Please support my Kickstarter project at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2085637670/when-a-black-woman-cries-her-soul-shines-through.

Thank you in advance,

A Dreamer “Ms. Dark Skin Is Beautiful