Brunch in Midtown in late May

Have you ever sat outside at a small bistro in the middle of town and watched people in passing by? Then wondered where they are coming from or going to?

Several months ago, had brunch at “Front Page News” a quaint little café in the heart of Midtown, Atlanta. It was so cute and surrounded by plenty eclectic stores, with a variety of cute, little vintage stores which was amidst bars, iconic restaurants and clubs. On this particular weekend, I decided to visit outside of my comfort zone and go somewhere a little different and unusual, and it was just that to say the very least.

I ordered crawfish ettouffe and strawberry lemonade and it was divine not to mention the ambiance was not bad either. I sat on the patio next to an old water fountain and people watched. I saw people from all walks of life and smiled as they went on their way. There were four girls sitting a few tables over chatting about the pictures they were planning to take in the park while sipping wine. Then beside me were two young ladies that were apparent lovers and discussing their evening plans. One of the ladies asked my opinion on the others shirt and we laughed a little about the pour taste in clothing the one in question had.

After brunch, I decided to walk down the block to Junkman’s daughter to find out what all of the hoopla was about and interestingly enough the commercials were an overstatement. But I must say it was interesting nonetheless to see the different kinds of dress codes and styles of people in that area of Atlanta. I window shopped and wondered what I would look like with a tattoo on the shoulder or back and if I could rock a Mohawk without laughing at myself. While spending time alone window shopping is not something that I do often, it was fun that day.

Walking down the side streets I could smell different fragrances in the air. It smelled of cotton candy, grilled foods and BBQ, and incense. Quite a combination but it was very intriguing. I wondered if people were watching me just as I was watching them, either way, it was fun and outside of my routine. This was a plain and simple day, spent alone in the presence of self.  Modestly passing time and enjoying a day in late May…

Just a simplistic day in May…


Ms. Darkskinisbeautiful