Imperfection: Inspiring Others

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It’s funny how people do not realize how big of an influence they can make on someone’s life simply by sharing. Today, a childhood friend shared with me that one of my poems made a difference to her child’s life. How humbly flattered was I and I took that as a sign from God that he put me here to help others no matter how large or small (further confirmation of my divine purpose).

We were all placed here for a purpose and\or reason and with that said God gave us all a gift to use toward improving the universe.

I love sharing and exchanging knowledge with others, its amazing when you learn from others and they learn from you. Exposing self to vulnerability is no crime, it is beautiful, unique and personal to each and every one of us.

I try to encourage others to share as it brings on growth, change and healing.

I say, do an inventory check and dispose of the junk that is claasified as unnecessary weight, baggage. It is often hard for us to see our imperfections and work on improving them. You know why? Because revealing your imperfections and exposing them for the world to see means you are admitting you have flaws. And guess what? Flaws are beautiful because they connect and link you to your “humanity”. We are NOT God and that is right, there is nothing wrong about being imperfect.

When we reach a place in our lives where we are able to see our imperfections with clarity and acceptance that is when we are able to understand and see we are growing.

Encourage someone today, check your inventory and move towards making a change…


Ms. Darkskinisbeautiful



  1. Thank you. The courage to be vulnerable is what I seek. My true self.

    1. You are welcome and you can do it!!

    2. You can do it! You’re welcome !

    3. Vulnerability is beautiful, humble, outside of our
      comfort zone but still a special place to be… try it.

  2. T. D. Davis says:

    Inventory checking should be a daily event. Best to you.

    1. You are absolutely right! Thanks for sharing..

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